How to Decide If You Need a Painting Project Quote or Just a ’Painter for a Day’

Friday, May 11, 2018

You have a painting project you want to get completed, but you don’t have the time or interest to do the work yourself. You decide to hire it out to a professional Wisconsin painting company. But will you need a quote or are you just looking to hire a painter for a day? You need to understand what goes into a quote and which projects require one, as well as learning what a painter for a day does for your Sheboygan or Appleton home.

What Goes into a Painting Quote

When you request a painting estimate, the contractor will need to come to your home to look at the site and learn about the scope of the project. They will take measurements and photos while creating drawings or layouts to create a picture of what the job entails. Part of getting a quote from a painting company is having them explain what products will be used and the process to get the results you want. They may show you different options for paint, allowing you to make an informed decision. Once they have all the necessary information and have provided you with the details, they will go back to the office to come up with an official quote. You can choose to accept the quote, ask for changes or move on to another company.

Hiring a Painter for a Day

If you have a moderate-sized project or even a bunch of small painting projects, you may prefer to hire a painter for a day. You can get a painter for up to eight hours to do all sorts of painting projects. Hire them to paint a hallway or bathroom, or to paint cabinets and trim. The painter will bring their own supplies, set up and clean up. All you do is provide the paint you want them to use. They have the paintbrushes and rollers, the ladders and drop cloths.

How Do You Know If You Need a Quote or Just a Painter?

The scope of the project is basically the difference between hiring a painter for a day or getting a full quote. If your project is for exterior painting, you will need a quote. If your interior project lasts several days, a quote will also be necessary. If you only need one painter instead of a full crew, you can probably go with a painter for the day. With a project that requires a full quote and crew, you’ll probably need to schedule it a few weeks out, especially during the busy season. If you just need a few hours of work, you can probably get the job done within a few days or a couple of weeks during downtime for the painters. If you still aren’t sure how much work your project requires, you can talk to a professional painting company. They will help you know whether you have a big project that needs a full quote or just a pair of extra hands to get the job done.

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