Line Striping: How Our Airless Laser Striper Saves Time and Money

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Line striping is an important part of many Wisconsin commercial and industrial facilities. It can separate work areas from customer areas and prevent accidents and injuries. These stripes will fade over time, so reapplication is often necessary. In other situations, the company may choose to move their operations and need new lines drawn.

While these applications can be completed by hand-painting, the task takes a long time. An airless laser striper creates straight, sharp lines that are easy to see and can last for many years. You may want to consider this method for the lines in your commercial or industrial facility.

How the Airless Line Striper Works

No compressed air is necessary for the paint to be pushed through the line striper. Instead, the striper uses high pressure to push the paint out of the tip. Various sizes of tips give you different results based on how wide the line needs to be.

This striper can be used indoors to create lines in warehouses or along aisles of commercial properties. It can also apply paint outside in parking lots. It creates a slightly blurred edge. However, the lines are obvious and the bright colors ensure they are seen whether a person is walking or driving a piece of equipment.

The Benefits of Using an Airless Line Striper

Line striping was once time-consuming work. The technician had to lay edging tape by hand before they could paint the lines on commercial floors, often needing to add texture to the area for better adhesion. The airless line striper automatically moves along the floor or parking lot to create lines. Instead of taking hours to prep the surface and complete the task, the job can be finished in a short time.

Another advantage with this equipment is the ability to work indoors or out. You can hire Lakeside Painting to create aisle lines in the warehouse and then have us use the same striper to repaint the lines in the parking lot. The more work you need done, the more money and time you save by choosing the airless line striper.

Custom Line Striping

We offer customized line striping for our customers. If you want the lines to last for years, we will clean all the oils off the floor so that the paint adheres well. In fact, when done right, the lines can last up to eight years before needing redone.

Some customers don’t care about long-lasting results because they move their equipment or operations around. In this case, the airless line striper will provide fast application for less cost until the next change in facility design.

Lakeside Painting will help you determine what kind of work you need done to create safety lines in your facility. We recommend our Airless Line Striper to help reduce costs while achieving the results you expect. Contact us today if you need line painting inside your building or out in the parking lot to improve safety and traffic flow.

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