Opportunities the Painting Industry Offers to New and Experienced Painters

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Even if you’ve never worked as a painter, you can find several commercial painting jobs that will give you the experience you need to work in this industry. When you choose to work with Lakeside Painting, you’re selecting a company that is willing to invest in your future. Here are five jobs you can get even if you’ve never held a job as a commercial painter.

  1. Apprentice Painter

An apprentice is someone with no experience but a willing attitude. As an apprentice painter, you would work with experienced painters to learn the skills of the commercial painting industry. You would work in this position for a time until it’s determined that you are ready to work on your own. Your next step would be to move into the role of painter.

  1. Flooring Applicator

Commercial painting isn’t the only service Lakeside Painting provides. Teams work on commercial and industrial applications to install, repair, and maintain commercial flooring. Even if you have no experience here, you can start out as a Flooring Apprentice and work your way up. If you have installed flooring and have a background in this industry, you could get a job as a Flooring Applicator.

  1. Painter

You don’t necessarily need experience in commercial painting to start out as a painter. If you’ve worked on residential projects and have a general knowledge of painting, you may be hired for this position. All you would need to do to be considered is show your understanding of the tools, equipment, and techniques involved in commercial painting.

  1. Master Flooring Applicator

If you’ve worked in flooring before and have extensive knowledge of the industry, you could be considered for the role of Master Flooring Applicator or Foreman. You would work with a team and could be in charge of managing flooring projects. You don’t need a background in painting for this position. For those with little or no experience in flooring, you can promote from Apprentice and Flooring Applicator as you prove yourself.

  1. Laborer

Even if you have no experience in commercial painting or commercial flooring, you could be hired on as a laborer. These positions are usually temporary and designed to help the teams during the busy season or through an extensive project. However, if you work hard, are dedicated to doing a high-quality job, and show aptitude in the field, you could become a full-time employee with the Lakeside Painting team.

Learn the Painting Industry

As you look at working in commercial painting without a background in the industry, the most important thing you can do is to focus on learning. Be willing to start out in an entry position, learn all you can about the commercial painting process and work hard to move your way up. Lakeside Painting offers a variety of jobs to help you reach your goals and work with a company that is dedicated to your long-term success. Look at the available jobs online to find one that fits your skillset and get started with a great team.

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