Painting Jobs Can Help You Unleash the Artist Within

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be an artist and create masterpiece works of art. Maybe you’ve dreamed of seeing your work in an art gallery. However, you don’t have the connections or experience to make it in the art world. Instead, you look at what is available in your own city. Perhaps you think working in some of those jobs is a far cry from your dreams.

Don’t let your dream die; think about becoming a professional painter! Working as a professional painter is about more than slapping paint on a wall. You can truly be an artist as a commercial or residential painter.

Help Customers Make Color Choices

While you may think there’s no real art to putting paint on interior walls or painting the exterior of a store or house, you would be quite incorrect. Many customers have no idea what color they want or which shades go together.

Some will look to you for ideas. Others may have an opinion of what they want, but you know that it won’t look the way they think. It’s not only your privilege but your job to help customers choose a color scheme that will give them the results they’re looking for.

Colors create emotion and you may be able to help your customers create the right emotion through their design theme. You can give them new ideas or explain why their suggestions may come with pitfalls. Of course, you must learn to do this in a way that won’t create conflict. You want customers to see you as a paint expert and a professional who will help them achieve their goals.

Create Murals

Another way you can exercise your artistic talent is through painting murals for businesses. It’s become a common trend to paint pictures on the sides of stores, warehouses, and other commercial buildings. Painting murals is a way to discourage vandalism while making the neighborhood look more attractive. It also creates a positive image for the business.

While many businesses are onboard with the idea of a mural, they may not think of it or have any idea about what could be painted. They might decide to rely on a Wisconsin professional painting company to handle the job. You could do the artwork or even suggest the picture that will be fitting for the neighborhood as well as for the business.

You may even be able to sell your idea of a mural to businesses that haven’t requested your service or those who you’ve worked with in the past as part of a painting team. Once one business accepts your idea of a mural and other companies see your work, they may want to hire your company as well. This allows you to continue bringing in new work while enjoying the artistic aspect of your job.

If you’re now convinced that working as a professional painter in Madison or around Milwaukee might fulfill your desire to do something artistic, you need to apply to Lakeside Painting. You can find available jobs online that will give you the opportunity to work at a career you enjoy and with a company that will make you proud to be an artist.

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