Painting Your Brick: How a Professional Handles Trim and Shutters

Friday, April 13, 2018

Trim and shutters can make a brick house go from plain to dazzling. These features enhance the time period and architectural style of the home and make the brick stand out. If you decide to paint the brick on your Madison or Milwaukee home, you’ll want to consider what needs to be done for the trim and shutters as well.

Consider the Color

You’ll want to ensure the trim and shutters still enhance your home, even if you decided to paint the brick. If you opt for white painted brick, black or gray shutters will add a bold contrast. However, you don’t have to stick with neutral colors if you want to create interest. Red, green, or blue shutters will ensure people remember your home when they pass by. A professional painter will want to know the entire plan for painting your house before they begin. It’s a good idea to know your color scheme before you begin the work.

Protecting the Trim and Shutters When Painting Your Brick

Choose a day when the painting project can be completed all at once. It should be warm enough for the paint to dry quickly but without much humidity in the air. You’ll want to make sure the paint from the brick doesn’t get on the trim or the shutters. You can remove the shutters and put them back once the project is completed. Cover the trim to prevent spatters or remove it if possible, checking to see if you need to replace the trim.

A professional will remove all trim and the shutters to paint them separate from the brick. They may lay them out on a table for painting and then allow them to dry before putting them back in place. You will also need to know if your shutters can be painted before you take on the project. If you have vinyl or plastic shutters, they may be paintable. However, some types of shutters may have a paint already on them, which makes it more difficult to repaint. Wooden shutters will need to be prepped for painting just like any other wood surface. You may need to sand it slightly for the paint to adhere. Use a paint designed for wood for the best results.

Prepare the Trim and Shutters for Painting

A professional will remove the shutters and trim, making note of where they go for an easy replacement. It’s a good idea to power wash the shutters so they have a clean surface for painting.Lay the shutters out on a clean surface, preferably on top of a paint cloth. Avoid areas under the trees which could allow leaves and other debris to ruin your paint job. The trim will also dry much faster in the sun.

Paint the Trim and Shutters

Once the trim and shutters are set up in place, the next step is the actual painting. Spray paint is the fastest and easiest way to get full coverage. It’s much quicker than using a brush. Just like with any other surface, you’ll need to allow the paint to dry before applying a second or third coat. Once you have finished the painting, it’s time to reinstall the shutters and trim. Once you screw everything back on, you’ll need to use a small amount of paint to cover the screws so they don’t stand out.

Now that the project is complete, you can see what a difference it made in the way your home looks. While you can do the job of painting the trim on your house, a Milwaukee professional painting company will get the work done faster and with guaranteed results.

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