Preparing Surfaces for Exterior Painting: How Cleaning Makes Paint Last

Saturday, March 31, 2018

When the time comes to paint the exterior of your house, you are probably excited -- but you may also be confused about where to begin. The first step -- after calling the professional home painters at Lakeside Painting, that is -- is a simple one: clean. You may wonder why you need to clean something that is going to be covered up, but actually cleaning is a vitally important (and occasionally overlooked) part of the painting process.

Cleaning isn’t the only important thing to do before your painting project begins, but it, combined with minor repairs, can truly extend the life of your paint job. And when Lakeside Painting takes on your project, you never have to worry about anything beyond choosing paint colors. (But, if you want, we can even help you there!)

The Professional Paint Company Difference

When you hire an uncredited, unlicensed “layperson” to paint your home -- or attempt to do it yourself -- you are missing out on so much peace of mind. When a professional paint company, like Lakeside Painting, is hired for your project, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting certified, licensed painters who know exactly what they are doing. Our painters and our company carry proper insurance to protect both us and you. Additionally, all of our painters have unmatched skill and experience, so they will know exactly what needs to be done to make your house look its very best.

Exterior Painting Prep Work

Before we begin any project, we talk with our clients about what is expected. We want to know when it will be the most convenient time for you to have people working on the outside of your home. We will be sure to discuss the details of your budget and your timeline. There will be absolutely no surprises before we begin!

Before we thoroughly clean your exterior surfaces, we will perform a complete inspection. We will check for any damage and complete and necessary repairs. If there are any cracks in your siding, we will fill those in with the appropriate materials. We will also repair or replace any sections of rotted or broken wood. Once the surface is in good condition, we’ll begin the process of pressure washing. If you were choosing to do this project by yourself, you may have to rent and operate unfamiliar equipment. When you hire our residential painters, however, we bring that equipment along with us.

Getting your exterior surfaces clean is like doing an excellent sanding job for your whole house. It not only helps the paint to stick initially, but it can also help your paint job to be extra durable. When you are making an investment in your home by purchasing exterior home painting services, you want that investment to last! The painters at Lakeside Painting are here to help you with just that.

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