Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets With These New Design Trends

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets With These New Design Trends
Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets With These New Design Trends
Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets With These New Design Trends
Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets With These New Design Trends

Late fall and early winter are great times to get your home's kitchen cabinets refinished—or any of your home's cabinets, for that matter. From now and throughout winter our prices have dropped, and we tend do a lot of this work any in our woodwork and coating shop anyway.

Currently, there are a number of kitchen trends that allow homeowners to really remake their kitchen space. Instead of fully replacing cabinets, homeowners have been asking Lakeside Painting to revitalize and update them with new coatings. Many people are choosing to redo cabinets because they were custom-made and of high quality; and this is more cost-effective than buying all new cabinetry, whether custom-made or not.

What we do is remove the cabinet doors and drawers, take them to our woodwork and coating shop, then sand off the previous coating, whether it be a stain or paint.

Kitchen Cabinet Looks

A recent rend we've noticed is cream colors on kitchen cabinets. After applying a couple coats of a cream hue, we often apply a tea stain glaze, which gives the cabinets an accent that can highlight the wood carving, but also give it a vintage look, if so desired. This is usually followed by a clear coat to really bring the cabinets to life.

Another great look for cabinets is a midnight blue. This darker hue gives them an incredibly contemporary look that matches well with white wall coatings, for instance, as well as wood floors and even other cabinets with stains bring out the natural wood grain.

On the opposite end of the blue spectrum are light blue cabinet coatings, which give the kitchen a light and breezy vibe. Like the darker blue, these light blue cabinets look great with walls coated in white paint. Light colors, like vintage green and pale yellow, also look good on kitchen cabinets.

Want a bolder, more vibrant option for your kitchen cabinets? Consider painting them in either a green or red hue, or some combination thereof. This will give it a rustic look, but also something that's fashionably modern. And if your kitchen has an island for cooking and dining, consider painting the wood here a color like black, charcoal or even walnut.

Refinishing the Cabinets

For cabinets with a monochromatic color, one typically cleans and sands them, then uses a three-coat process primer before finishing with two coats of color. For glazed cabinets, one cleans and sands them, before using a primer and two coats of color. This is followed by a coat of glaze for the Tuscan Look and a clear coat to finish.

If you have any questions about selecting the right cabinet look for your kitchen space, or about the finishing process, don't hestitate to call Lakeside Painting at 262.642.9445 or email us at, and we'll set up an appointment.

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