Replace Your Deck for Summer Gatherings

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer is the time for hosting backyard barbeques and birthday parties, and all kinds of other fun times with family and friends in Wisconsin. If you have a large deck, it’s the place to go during the hot weather. However, you might consider replacing the deck before you start hosting gatherings this summer.

How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Deck

Sometimes it’s possible to make a few repairs on your Milwaukee deck and it will look as good as new. However, there are indicators that it’s time to replace the entire thing before the situation becomes even worse. For example, one broken or weak board usually means a quick deck repair. However, if you notice signs of weakness throughout the deck or a spongy surface, it may be an indication that the entire space needs to be replaced.

Railing posts that are loose, weak, or sagging in places, and deck screws that don’t stay in place are all signs that the deck has outlived its time. If you see visible rot, it probably means there is more lurking along the structural beams.

Another sign that you need a new deck is if you’ve outgrown your space. Perhaps you have a small space that only holds a grill and a couple of chairs. If you want to turn your outdoor area into an entertaining space, you’ll need to expand. You may want to build a wraparound deck to take advantage of limited yard area. Maybe the current design just doesn’t work for you. A new deck could enhance the function of your outdoor space and increase the value of the property.

Building a New Deck

You probably won’t want to take on the challenges of building a new deck yourself. It’s a time-consuming job that must be done right for long-lasting results. However, you will be the one deciding on the design and materials with some advice from your contractor. You want to think about how you plan to use the deck to determine the size and layout.

If you intend to spend a lot of time out in your new space, you’ll want to consider electricity and other features. You may want a cooking/grilling area, as well as an eating area separate from lounging or seating. You’ll also have to decide how much of your yard you want to take up with the deck. If you don’t want to do yard work, a larger deck could be the perfect answer.

A professional painting company can stain and seal a deck, but you’ll want to think about the best materials from the start. Pressure-treated lumber is designed to withstand the elements and not rot as quickly. Maintenance is essential for a deck to last for a long time. Pressure washing can help keep mold and mildew from damaging the wood, while sealing it keeps the water from being absorbed into the boards.

A new deck can be a big expense, but it’s worth it as it enhances the use of your property. Just make sure you know what you want in a deck and hire a knowledgeable company to build and maintain your deck for years of fun with your summer gatherings.

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