Tips For Choosing Your Exterior Color Palette

Friday, May 06, 2016

Is choosing your exterior color palette driving you nuts?

We understand; this is a difficult and expensive decision. So we did the homework. Here with suggestions from experts:

Jennifer Kopf, the Homes Editor at Southern Living suggests to first access your surroundings:

  • If you are in an area where the other homes are close by, choose your palette that complements the other homes. This will create continuity and help overall home value neighborhood.
  • If your home located in an area with lush greenery consider earth tones: cream, gray and taupe. White is also a great contrasting color for earth tones. Jennifer explains “white trim maintains the classic look…and keeps brown exterior from becoming too bland”
  • If your home has a focal point like stone brick or an interesting room, emphasize it with an understated palette.

Learn more of Ms Kopf’s suggestions at Southern Living.

Sherwin Williams’s expert suggest considering geographic regions for inspiration.

America Heritage review architectural home styles; breaking down body, trim and accent color suggestions.

Northern Shore and Seaports offer color palettes that work well in Wisconsin areas that are rich with foliage and lakes.

Is your home Suburban Modern or are you more Suburban Traditional.

From HGTV we found these 20 fabulous home photos providing additional architectural and color advice

Also remember the acronym: K I S S,

Keep It Simple Students:

  1. Look around the neighborhood
  2. Review your architectural design and focal features
  3. Consider the environment and exposure to the element
  4. Consider geographical location
  5. Consider mother nature

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