Ways to Increase Your Wisconsin Country Club Memberships with a New Paint Job

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Whether you are looking to bring in new members to the Milwaukee country club, the one in Troy, or even the country club in Madison, you might be wondering how to market to the right people for an increase in membership. As you think of other marketing strategies, don’t overlook the importance of a new paint job.

Paint the Exterior of the Club

After a few years, country clubs can begin looking tired and worn. This gives the impression that they are designed only for those members who are nearing or already in retirement. If the paint is old and faded, the club looks outdated.

Hire a Wisconsin painting company for an exterior painting job. Put a new coat of paint on the buildings to make the place look fresh and new. This one task will communicate that your country club is up to date and contemporary, which can help bring in younger members.

Change the Color

If you’ve had the same color for your country club for the past decade or two, now might be the time to think about a different color scheme. Just imagine how many times someone has driven by the club and never paid attention. Have the painting company paint a new exterior color scheme to the buildings and drivers will sit up and take notice.

You can make the club’s colors fit in with the surroundings by choosing shades found in nature. You can also make it pop with bold tones that will grab attention. Whatever design theme you choose will definitely get more notice and may make people want to stop and see inside.

Paint the Interior

While your first focus will be on updating the exterior to make a strong initial impression, you must follow it up with new interior paint. Choose bright and welcoming colors, light natural shades, or another scheme that fits with a contemporary setting.

You may want to add or update the trim with new mouldings and baseboards. Another option is to strip the existing woodwork and re-stain it a more modern shade. You want people to be impressed when they walk in as guests of a member and to follow up by becoming members themselves.

Don’t Forget the Repairs

As with any structure, a country club will begin to need repairs after a few years. A professional painting company like Lakeside Painting will take care of removing rotted boards, repairing drywall or plaster and replacing doors and windows as part of the service.

You want your country club to appeal to a new generation of potential members. While you can employ a variety of marketing strategies, don’t overlook the importance of a new paint job to draw attention to your property in a positive way. Paint can make people see your club in a new way – or for the first time. Give Lakeside Painting a call if you are ready to paint your Wisconsin country club.

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