What an Industrial Painter Can Do for Your Food Processing Plant

Monday, August 20, 2018

It can be challenging to keep up with maintenance in a food processing plant, especially with the strict regulations in place. An industrial painter can help you meet these standards and keep your facility in prime working order. Several advantages are available if you hire a professional Wisconsin painting company for your industrial plant.

Take Care of Painting Machinery

Machinery painting doesn’t just keep the equipment looking good – it can help it work better and require fewer repairs. Rust can easily corrode a piece of equipment, but the right paint can prevent rusting. However, the right kind of paint and process must be used in a food processing plant to ensure the safety of all products made.

An industrial painter will know what products are safe and FDA-approved to ensure your facility continues to be in compliance. They will also know what processes for painting machinery are allowed to prevent contamination.

Take Care of Floors in Food Processing Plants

The flooring in food processing plants must be maintained and protected, but they must also meet certain strict guidelines. Not all products are deemed safe around food. Cementitious urethane floors are considered one of the best options in food processing plants because they are resistant to heat and chemicals. They may be cleaned often with harsh chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Floors in these places come in contact with a lot of food and other materials. You must be careful that bacteria doesn’t start growing or it can cause serious issues with the food you’re packaging. The right material can help prevent this problem, but you also need to use the correct cleaning process. Power washing is one method that will get rid of particles that are hazardous to food.

Exterior and Interior Painting

Food processing plants need to have their interior and exterior walls painted occasionally. Not only does the paint make the building look good – it can also protect it from rust and corrosion. However, you must be careful to only use a paint product that is safe around food. You may need to have one area blocked off for painting while working in another location.

An industrial painter will know what type of paint is safe to use in food processing areas. They will understand the industry standards and ensure all products meet compliance regulations.

A professional painting company can provide line striping in the warehouse as well. If your Madison or Milwaukee food processing plant is in need of striping or an update of current striping, an industrial painter like Lakeside Painting can get the job done right.

When hiring an industrial painter for your food processing facility, make sure you find a company that is familiar with the industry and regulations for your company. Trust Lakeside Painting to help you provide a safe, clean facility for your products and employees.

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