What is Dry Ice Blasting, and Do I Need it?

Thursday, June 08, 2017

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting is the process whereby specialized equipment propels frozen CO2 particles at a supersonic speed at a targeted surface. Also known as CO2 blast cleaning, this procedure causes unwanted materials to freeze, crack, and instantly peel away. While classified as an abrasive blasting method, it’s only abrasive to those surfaces softer than the dry ice pellet. Since the pellets are no harder than your fingernail, it is safe to say that CO2 cleaning is virtually a non-abrasive blasting method.

Although the process sounds intense, it can be as aggressive or as gentle as needed. Precision surface cleaning – including semiconductor and circuit board cleaning – as well as heavy duty tasks such as slag removal from automotive assembly rails can both be accomplished with dry ice blasting.

Is Dry Ice Blasting Right for Me?

Many clients prefer this highly effective method of cleaning for various reasons. In fact, dry ice blasting is in a league of its own. First and foremost, ice blast cleaning is fast! Unlike sandblasting, which requires machines to be disassembled, when using dry ice blasting, equipment can remain intact and need not be relocated. This not only decreases the amount of time required to complete the process, but it also eradicates the potential for damage due to relocation or reassembly.

CO2 dry ice blasting is also food safe and environmentally friendly. Since the FDA certifies dry ice as safe for food, we regularly recommend dry ice blasting to our customers in the food processing and manufacturing industries. Ice blast cleaning has also been approved by the USDA and EPA, and because it is non-toxic, it can be used without causing harm to people, plants, or animals.

In addition to cleaning machinery, CO2 dry ice blasting is used to remove fire and soot damage, oil, and paint from various surfaces. The dry ice pellets are minuscule and can penetrate extremely tight crevices. Furthermore, since dry ice sublimates (becomes gaseous) upon contact, CO2 cleaning is a dry process. Coupled with the fact that dry ice is non-conductive, ice blast cleaning is the perfect choice for electrical applications and other instances where water is not advised or permitted.

In comparison to other cleaning methods, dry ice blasting does not leave particles behind. Since the removed paint or grime is the only thing that needs to be picked up, cleaning is a breeze. The process leaves behind no lingering odors nor harmful chemicals, and since the pellets turn from solid directly into a gas, the process creates no by-products. Dry ice cleaning is truly an environmentally friendly procedure. It uses pellets of recycled carbon dioxide which then sublimate and are absorbed by plants and trees. Plants then convert it into carbon and oxygen, which we use to breathe.

Dry ice blasting is a quick, safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly method of cleaning and paint removal. At Lakeside Painting, our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and machinery necessary to complete a job well done.

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