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What You Should Expect When You Work with Lakeside

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It can be intimidating to go to work with a new company. You never know how the managers/owners will treat employees or what to expect for job duties and other responsibilities. Here is some information about working with Lakeside Painting that will help you be prepared for your new career.

A Professional Reputation

Lakeside Painting has a solid reputation in the communities where we provides services. The team and every worker strive to provide exceptional customer service and to complete each job to the satisfaction of the client. You can expect to follow this same standard when you come to work with Lakeside Painting. You will work with different kinds of customers in both commercial and residential painting projects. You’ll be expected to treat each customer with respect and work hard to exceed their expectations as a professional painter.

Room for Growth

Whether you’re an apprentice painter or a seasoned pro, you can learn new skills when you work with Lakeside Painting. One of the benefits of working with this team is getting to try out your expertise on new projects. In addition to working on traditional residential projects and commercial spaces, you might also become involved in industrial painting or flooring contract work. As an apprentice painter, you can begin developing basic skills in interior and exterior painting projects. You’ll learn how to work with customers and interact with vendors. If you’re more experienced, you may get involved in more complex projects like floor installation or repair. You may even be able to promote up to foreman or a project manager if you’re interested.

Dedication Required

Lakeside Painting hasn’t achieved its outstanding reputation by accident. It’s the result of hard work and dedication to each project and every customer. The job isn’t completed until the customer is satisfied. That attitude is what has made Lakeside Painting a successful Wisconsin painting company. It’s no surprise that the same dedication Lakeside Painting has for its customers is expected of its employees. Workers are expected to arrive to each project on time, with a positive attitude, and with willingness to work hard and learn. In return, you can expect a pleasant work environment where everyone has the same goal. Lakeside Painting will be just as dedicated to you, which will be evident through the opportunities you receive. Lakeside Painting tries hard to provide steady work all year long. You can expect to be part of projects no matter what time of year. As a commercial and industrial painting company, Lakeside Painting continues to receive new projects even during the slow season. Offices need painted during winter months and many companies know to get these projects started when Lakeside Painting has time available. If you’re considering a job with Lakeside Painting or have just signed on with us, you can expect to work in a job where others care about your success. You’ll love coming to work every day. Contact Lakeside Painting or check out the available job openings. We’re committed to helping you be the best painter you can be.

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