Wood Floor Updates for Your Home Interior

Friday, October 29, 2021

 Wood Floor Updates for Your Home Interior

Since it's fall and we're heading into the cold Wisconsin months, now is the time give your home interior some attention. Throughout the fall and winter Lakeside Painting will be publishing blog articles on how to refresh your home interior.

Below we've come up with some ideas for updating your wood floors. One thing to note is that all of these ideas will require hiring a paint professional to clean your floors of their existing finish, whether it's oil, wax, etc.

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Brighten your wood floors with a light color

The first idea we have is to apply coat of light-colored paint to your wood floors. Traditionally, wood floors have finishes that accentuate the natural warm wood grain. With lighter floors, particularly ones with with washes of white paint, the coating will brighten up a room, especially if it is a naturally dark space.

Wood floors painted with light colors aren't for everyone. But for those who love the style and look, they are highly attractive and give you a completely different set of options for your larger interior design strategy.

Go dark with wood floor finishes

Dark floors are the polar opposite of the floor style described above. For dark floors, stains like dark walnut, ebony, and even black can be applied to wood floors to give them a highly contemporary look.

Like the lightly-colored floors detailed above, wood floors with dark stains will darken a room. However, if the walls are white or a lighter color, the dark wood floors will create an awesome contemporary accent for your home interior design.

Refinish wood floors to restore original look

Over time, wood floors look worn and old, but not in a good way—especially ones with natural wood finishes or stains. If this is the case in your home interior, hire a paint professional to clean the wood floor and, if you want to make the original finish look new again, have the painter match the stain or other finish. Not only will this make your floors look new or simply vibrant again, it will make them last much, much longer.

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