Under the umbrella of aviation fall two subcategories: aerospace and avionics. The aerospace industry concerns itself with flight within and beyond the earth’s atmosphere, while avionics focuses more on the specialized electronics that are used in aerospace crafts. Facilities that house aerospace and avionics operations have very specialized needs. Whether the end product is a civil or governmental aircraft or spacecraft, the entire manufacturing process in this industry is tightly regulated, including the buildings where these activities take place.

Epoxy Floor Coatings for Avionics

Facilities that make and assemble avionics systems need a particular type of flooring to keep personnel and avionics equipment safe. Electrostatic dissipative industrial epoxy floor coatings do just that. If not adequately controlled, the static buildup in flooring can cause volatile gases, powders, liquids, and other substances to combust.

However, electrostatic dissipative epoxy coatings work by grounding and removing static electricity from a person’s body. The static electricity exits through the individual’s shoe soles and heels and dissipates into the flooring material and, eventually, into the ground.

Aerospace facilities require unique flooring throughout the entire facility: design areas, aircraft and parts maintenance areas, labs, and more. Not only does the floor need to be able to dissipate electrostatic buildup, but it should also be able to withstand heavy machinery, heavy traffic, chemical spills, and regular maintenance. Lakeside Painting provides aerospace and avionics flooring that is uniquely crafted to meet the specialized needs of tightly regulated facilities.

When choosing a floor for your aerospace facility, you want to keep several things in mind:

Abrasion Resistance

Aerospace facilities have large amounts of traffic. After all, hundreds of workers are required to craft intricate parts that, when put together, create a highly specialized aircraft. However, in addition to people, aerospace facilities see traffic from heavy equipment and aircraft for extended periods of time. Our floors are designed to stand up over an extended period of time to heavy traffic loads.


Safety is a primary concern in any industry, especially the aerospace industry. While we can provide the standard smooth finish, we can also install non-skid flooring with texture. The texture is achieved by adding an aggregate into the flooring system, which prevents it from becoming slippery, even when wet.


You can’t spend millions of dollars on a world-class aerospace facility and then finish the job with sloppy flooring. The right floor should be aesthetically pleasing. The floors installed by Lakeside are high-gloss and thus great reflectors of light. The surface is also easy to clean and won’t degrade or turn yellow due to ultraviolet degradation.

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