Much like a food processing plant, breweries need special attention to maintain their cleanliness and adherence to code. There are many ways in which the painting contractors at Lakeside Painting can help you keep your brewery running at an optimal level.


Having the right type of flooring can go a long way in helping you maintain a neat and efficient brewery. Generally speaking, cementitious urethane flooring is the best high performance coating for establishments that handle the manufacturing and distribution of food and beverages. This flooring system has many advantages. For starters, cementitious urethane flooring does not have any seams. It also doesn’t crack and is non-porous. These features are critical in breweries because they hinder the growth of bacteria. This flooring system is also heat and chemical resistant, so if you wish to clean the floor with steam, scalding water, or harsh chemicals, you are free to do so. Another attractive quality is that cementitious urethane flooring is slip resistant as well as impact and abrasion resistant. Breweries produce beer – a liquid – and it’s likely that there will be spills on a regular basis. With cementitious urethane’s slip resistant feature, on-site accidents can be reduced dramatically. Finally, this flooring system is USDA, FDA, and OSHA compliant.

We also recommend epoxy floor coatings for breweries. However, in an environment with high levels of moisture and dramatic floor and air temperature swings, cementitious urethane flooring is by far the best choice.

Machinery Painting

Another facet of business in which Lakeside can be of assistance is machinery painting. Besides making your machinery look better, painting can also lengthen its lifetime by serving as a protective coating between the environment and your machine.

When painting machinery, electrostatic spray painting is our go-to method. This approach produces an even coat and minimizes overspray, which keeps clean-up to a minimum. It works using magnetism – we attach a negative electrode to the desired surface, which gives the surface a negative charge. We then use a positively-charged paint gun to spray positively charged paint at the surface. These opposite charges result in a magnetic attraction, causing the paint to be pulled onto the surface.

Abrasive Cleaning Services

Before you paint your machines, it’s important to ensure that they are clean, and we can help with that too. Our professional painters offer several abrasive blasting services. CO2 dry ice blasting is one of our favorite methods to implement. This process makes use of dry ice pellets, which are blasted at high speeds at a targeted area. It’s one of our favorite means of cleaning because it does not require much prep work or clean up. And because dry ice sublimates, when the process is complete, we can just sweep away the paint, buildup, and grime that has been removed.

We also regularly do sponge blasting to meet our customers’ needs. This method utilizes sponge media impregnated with abrasives. Upon hitting the target surface, the sponges constrict and reveal the abrasive. The sponge also absorbs the majority of unwanted paint, dust, and other particles, so cleaning up after a round of sponge blasting is truly a breeze.

Both of these methods can be used indoors to clean machinery and other pieces of sensitive equipment. For outdoor cleaning, we also offer high-power washing.

If you own or manage a brewery in or around Wisconsin and the Midwest, Lakeside Painting can be your one-stop shop. Give us a call to learn more about our services, or fill out a free estimate form online.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
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