Almost everyone loves to eat, yet despite this fact, a recent study by Cornell University revealed that approximately 60 percent of restaurants fail in their first year of operation. While this is an alarmingly high rate, most of the mistakes made by restaurant owners are avoidable, and the professional painters at Lakeside Painting can help you avoid them.

According to the study by Cornell, one of the main reasons restaurants fail is lack of knowledge about the food service industry. The most delectable menu options paired with an elegant atmosphere is not enough to save a restaurant that repeatedly violates health and safety codes. While our guys are not health inspectors or chefs, we’ve been in business for over three decades – we’ve been around the block a time or two. With our knowledge, we can help restaurant owners keep their commercial kitchens up and running. Here’s how we can help.


Don’t build upon a foundation that’s not solid. That’s good advice for life and commercial kitchens. Flooring is one of the most important aspects of businesses, and that’s especially true for commercial kitchens. In the food and beverage industry, bacteria is the number one enemy. Certain floor systems – such as cementitious urethane flooring – can inhibit the growth and transmission of bacteria.

Cementitious urethane flooring is like the Rolls Royce of kitchen flooring systems. It is extremely durable and not affected by environments with high levels of moisture and dramatic temperature swings. It can also be cleaned with steam, scalding water, and harsh chemicals without becoming damaged. Another feature that commercial kitchen owners love about this flooring system is the fact that it is slip-resistant – a must in the restaurant industry. It is also resistant to scratches and abrasion, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming damaged if you regularly drag around heavy food carts and equipment. And because these floors are compliant with USDA, FDA, and OSHA guidelines, you don’t have to worry about violating code – at least not because of your flooring.

Equipment Cleaning

Health inspectors look for clean and sanitary conditions whenever they come out to an establishment. At Lakeside, we offer a few abrasive blasting services that can make your commercial kitchen look like new, regardless of how long it’s been in operation.

For commercial kitchens, we highly recommend CO2 dry ice blasting. This method utilizes small pellets of dry ice, which are blasted at high speeds toward a targeted area. When the pellets make contact with the targeted area, unwanted contaminants instantly freeze and chip off. Dry ice blasting is a great way to rid kitchen equipment of contaminants such as grease, wax, proteins, seasoning, crumbs, and other buildup that prevents machinery from operating at peak efficiency.

Dry ice blasting offers a safe and efficient way to clean ovens, containers, mixers, grills, and practically all types of commercial kitchen equipment. And because this process is approved for the food industry by the FDA, USDA, and EPA, dry ice blasting is just another way that Lakeside Painting can help you and your commercial kitchen stay up to code.

Power Washing

In addition to keeping equipment clean, we can help you maintain the inside of your commercial kitchen as well as the outside of your restaurant with our power washing services. Power washing is similar to pressure washing, the main difference being that power washing uses hot water while pressure washing does not. Our professionals can get the walls and floors of your kitchen looking spic and span, as well as the outside of your building.

If you own or operate a commercial kitchen in or around Wisconsin and the Midwest, Lakeside Painting can help you stay up to code and pass every health inspection that rolls your way. To learn more about our services, browse through our website or give us a call. You can also request a free and personalized estimate using our online form.

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Our Guarantee
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