Whenever metal interacts with environmental elements, corrosion can occur. While this process of deterioration is natural, it can be very costly. According to the Worldwide Corrosion Authority, in 1998, the estimated direct cost of corrosion was $276 billion.

If you’re having problems with corrosion, the professional painters at Lakeside can help you get it under control. There are many types of corrosion, and knowing how to tackle certain kinds can be tricky. General attack corrosion occurs whenever corrosion attacks the entire surface of the metal. Fortunately, general attack corrosion is a predictable issue, and there are certain steps you can take to minimize its impact.

Localized corrosion is a form of corrosion that only affects certain portions of the metal. Environmental cracking is yet another kind of corrosion. This type is most common whenever the substance is exposed to the elements. As a result, the metal cracks and becomes weak and brittle.

How We Can Help

If corrosion is a natural process and affects all types of metal (except for noble metals), you may be wondering what we can do about it. We can help you get corrosion under control using various methods. The first way is through painting.

Painting is a straightforward and affordable way to control corrosion. Paint serves as a protective layer between the metal and the surrounding environment. As such, moisture, wind, water, and other damaging elements cannot permeate and damage the metal as quickly. We can apply a sealing coat of paint to both interior and exterior commercial and industrial structures.

When painting metal, we generally prefer to use electrostatic spray painting. This method of painting is reserved for painting metal objects. We first attach a negatively charged electrode to the metal surface that will receive the paint; this gives the metal surface a negative charge. The spray gun and the paint is positively charged. These opposite charges result in magnetic attraction, so the paint is literally pulled toward the surface of the object. This method ensures an even paint coat as well as minimal cleanup.

Another way that our professional painting contractors can help you get corrosion under control is through various types of abrasive cleaning methods. We often use high-pressure washers to treat building exteriors. However, smaller pieces of machinery and equipment, as well as indoor surfaces, require a different sort of attention.

Here at Lakeside Painting, we regularly use dry ice blasting and sponge blasting to keep corrosion under control. Dry ice blasting involves propelling dry ice pellets at a surface, while sponge blasting utilizes sponges and abrasives to clean surfaces. Both methods are very effective, and our professionals will let you know which is best for your particular situation.

While corrosion is bound to occur at one point or another, the professionals at Lakeside Painting can help you get it under control. We can eliminate the appearance of rust and other forms of corrosion as well as implement certain proactive measures that will slow the onset of corrosion.

If you need help getting corrosion under control at your facility, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
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