Elastomeric coatings are a type of paint coating ideal for areas that vary drastically in temperature. The paint forms a durable and tough film that can resist sunlight, heat, cold, and wind-driven rain. It can be applied to practically all masonry surfaces. It is flexible and permits considerable movement of the substrate without becoming damaged. Moreover, this feature allows the coating to expand and contract without becoming cracked or otherwise damaged. Because of its elasticity, elastomeric paint can also be used to fill or bridge hairline cracks.

Proper application of this type of coating generally requires two or more coats. Multiple coats are needed to provide the level of waterproofing that elastomeric products were designed to achieve.

While elastomeric coatings do provide some advantages, other types of coatings are usually preferred. For starters, the multiple coats elastomeric coatings require sometimes lead to an irregular appearance. Another side effect of multiple coats is that after some time, elastomeric becomes rubbery and can’t be removed via sandblasting or pressure washing. Removing an elastomeric paint coating is labor intensive and expensive, requiring scrapers and heat.

Furthermore, if you’re applying an elastomeric coating to a split-face concrete block, because the surface is so porous, moisture can get behind the coating, leading to sagging. Finally, elastomeric paint oxidizes very quickly and chalks within a year of application. The chalking causes the color to change, which is not what a customer wants after paying to have their structure coated. For all of these reasons, the professional painters at Lakeside Painting typically prefer to use acrylic paint instead of elastomeric coating. However, as long as customers are aware of the pros and cons of this type of high performance coating, we are happy to apply it to a commercial or industrial exterior. And whenever the time comes, we’ll happily remove it as well.

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Our Guarantee
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