When it comes to painting metal, nothing beats electrostatic spray painting. This process entails the spraying of positively charged paint onto a negatively charged object. These opposing charges result from a negative electrode being attached to the desired surface. The paint is expelled from a positively charged paint gun, giving it a positive charge. A conductive primer can also be applied to the surface to make it electrically charged.

Because opposite polarities attract, the electrostatic paint is magnetically drawn to the surface; therefore, minimal cleanup is required. While electrostatic paint is most commonly used for painting metal, practically any surface can be sprayed electrostatically.

Electrostatic coatings protect your metal surfaces from damage.

In addition to making things look good, painting also serves as a barrier, protecting expensive and sensitive equipment from elemental damage. Electrostatic coatings can also help to control the rate of corrosion by not allowing foreign substances to come in contact with the actual machinery.

Electrostatic painting services are environmentally friendly.

Because of electrostatic painting’s magnetic properties, fewer paint particles are released into the air. This makes electrostatic painting services an environmentally friendly process.

Projects are completed faster when you use electrostatic paint.

As mentioned before, electro painting results in very little overspray. This means that you don’t have to worry about moving machinery outdoors or covering nearby equipment. It also means that when the painters have finished, they won’t have to spend time cleaning up a ton of mess. Minimal interruptions mean that you can get back to business faster.

Get even coverage with electrostatic paint.

Electrostatic painting means the paint particles are positively charged. Their like charges causes the paint particles to repel one another, resulting in a nice, even coverage.

You can paint nearly any piece.

While this method is commonly used for painting metal, it is also an effective means for painting other objects. It is especially useful when painting uneven surfaces such as fences, poles, and porous materials. If the charged paint “senses” a conductive grounded surface, it will be attracted to it. Nonconductive pieces can be sprayed electrostatically by applying a conductive primer or attaching an oppositely charged electrode to the surface.

Disadvantages of Electrostatic Spray Painting

There are very few disadvantages associated with electrostatic spray painting. One potential drawback is the high cost of equipment and machinery, but that’s not really relevant to our customers. The main pitfall with this method is that when the paint shoots out of the gun, it looks for the first positively charged grounded object. When painting an object with recessed areas, the paint will go to the edges instead of the recessed area. However, this can easily be rectified by using an airless gun to paint the recessed areas before finishing with the electrostatic gun.

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Our Guarantee
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