What in the world is ESD flooring? Well, ESD is an abbreviation for electrostatic discharge. You know when you’ve been walking on carpet for a while, and then you touch a doorknob and get zapped? That’s electrostatic discharge. As people walk across floors, they build up static electricity in their bodies and clothing, and the drier the air, the more static electricity you build up.

An occasional zap here and there won’t do you much harm, but if large amounts of static build up, they can become dangerous and even lethal. Furthermore, if your industry is one that works with sensitive electronic equipment, explosive gases, or flammable dust or vapor, static electricity can damage equipment and even cause an explosion.

To avoid this, you will need to implement certain control methods that will ground the electricity. The painting contractors at Lakeside can help you eliminate electrostatic discharge in your business by installing ESD flooring.

One method for grounding and removing static electricity from a person’s body is to install flooring that allows electricity from a person’s body to exit from the shoe soles and heels and dissipate into the flooring material to the ground. This special type of flooring provides a path of conductivity between the individual and the equipment, thus preventing the accumulation of potentially dangerous electrostatic charges.

The type of flooring you will require depends on where it will be used. There are two main types: static dissipative and static conductive. Here at Lakeside Painting, we offer static dissipative floor coatings that meet static control flooring requirements.

After your ESD flooring has been installed, maintenance instructions must be followed to ensure that your floor’s electrical performance is not compromised by dirt and other contaminants. To ensure optimal performance, static dissipative or conductive floor polishing may be required.

If you live in Wisconsin or the Midwest, the professionals at Lakeside can help keep you and your facility safe with ESD flooring. Give us a call today, or fill out our form online to request a free and personalized estimate.

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Our Guarantee
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