Is the machinery in your business corroded, dirty, or just plain ugly? Painting can give new life to worn out-looking machinery, and our professional painters can help.

Why Do Machines Need Painting?


Corrosion affects practically every metal object at some point in its lifetime. A chemical reaction occurs whenever environmental factors interact with metal, resulting in corrosion. There are many different kinds of corrosion. Some of them are more common, predictable, and preventable.

Painting is a great way to hinder the onset of corrosion on your metal surfaces, as it serves as a barrier between the metal and the surrounding environment. Electrostatic spray painting is one of our favorite methods for painting metal machinery. As the name implies, this method of painting utilizes electricity. A positively charged paint spray gun emits positively charged paint to the desired surface. The surface is given a negative charge by attaching a negative electrode to it. These opposite charges result in a magnetic attraction which literally pulls the paint onto the surface. These magnetic properties ensure that overspray is limited and that the metal surface gets an even coat throughout.


Painting is an effective way to help minimize the impact of corrosion. However, if the surface is already corroded, before it can be painted, it must be cleaned. Here at Lakeside, we offer several types of abrasive blasting services.

Dry Ice Blasting

CO2 dry ice blasting services are the ideal methods for cleaning machinery and other sensitive equipment. It works by blasting frozen CO2 particles at a targeted surface. Upon impact, these frozen pellets cause unwanted materials to freeze, crack, and instantaneously peel away.

Our customers love dry ice blasting for many reasons. First, it’s fast. It does not require machinery to be taken apart or moved before cleaning. This method of cleaning is also food safe and environmentally safe, making it a great option for the food and beverage industry. Clean up is a breeze. Since dry ice sublimates, this process doesn’t leave behind pellets or residue, only faulty paint or other particles that can be swept away effortlessly.

Sponge Blasting

Sponge blasting is another abrasive cleaning method that we regularly use. This technique utilizes sponge media impregnated with abrasives. Upon impact, the squishy sponge flattens, exposing the abrasive. After being blasted at the surface, the sponge constricts and encapsulates the removed particles, which would have become airborne in all other instances.

Sponge blasting has many advantages. It is environmentally friendly – the process does not produce much waste, as media can be reused after each blast cycle. Clean up is simple since the sponge absorbs the majority of debris particles. Sponge blasting also produces 98% less dust than traditional abrasive blasting services.

If your machinery is in need of a paint job, the painting contractors at Lakeside Painting can help. We serve the state of Wisconsin as well as select cities throughout the Midwest. Give us a call today to set up your appointment, or fill out our form online to request a free and personalized estimate.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
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