Voids, crumbling mortar, and cracks are common issues in masonry work and the result of constant exposure to the elements. Sometimes, poor installations and intense freeze and thaw cycles can intensify these problems. Large holes and mortar that has completely washed away are evidence that tuckpointing is needed.

Tuckpointing is the process whereby mortar joints in stone or brick masonry walls are repaired. These repairs are made by grinding or raking out the existing mortar and filling in the spots with new mortar. Typically, two contrasting colors of mortar are used. One color matches the bricks or stones themselves, and the other color gives a false impression of new, finer joints. Tuckpointing halts destructive processes and provides numerous benefits. When mortar joints become damaged, tuckpointing is the most cost-efficient remedy.

How is tuckpointing done?

First, the damaged mortar must be removed and replaced with fresh mortar. A professional painter will ground out the damaged mortar to a level depth, then inject mortar of the same color as the stone or brick into the newly routed grooves. Thin strips are then cut down the center of the red mortar to create grooves. These new grooves are filled in with a different color mortar that matches the original mortar.

What are the benefits of tuckpointing?

Cost-efficiency is one of the most obvious benefits of tuckpointing. The only other alternative to tuckpointing is completely tearing down and rebuilding the existing structure. No one wants to do that, right?

Corrosion control is another benefit of tuckpointing. You can effectively stop corrosion in its tracks by filling in the deteriorating mortar.

Preventing water from entering is yet another advantage of tuckpointing. Water can sometimes seep into your structure if you fail to repair your mortar joints. Moisture can do tremendous amounts of unseen damage, including mold, mildew, and rotting wood. It can also cause the ceiling, floor, and surrounding walls to become stained.

Aesthetics is another reason why many individuals in residential, commercial, and industrial settings choose to contract tuckpointing services. Many people decide to improve the appearance of their brick with decorative tuckpointing, even if their mortar and joints are in relatively good condition.

How much does tuckpointing cost?

Well, it depends. Several things can affect the cost of tuckpointing services. Not all mortar mixes are created equal – some look better and perform better than others. As such, the mortar mix you select will affect the cost of tuckpointing services. The design of the brick you are looking to re-mortar will also play a role in the cost of the service. Lastly, the size of the area that requires service will affect how much you end up paying.

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