Wood is a timeless masonry material. However, like all things, it requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty and function. The professional painters at Lakeside Painting are proud to offer wood restoration and refinishing services in Wisconsin as well as certain cities in the Midwest.


When refinishing a wooden surface, the first order of business is getting it cleaned. High pressure cleaning, also known as pressure or power washing, is one of the most effective and efficient methods for cleaning a wooden surface. If the wooden surface was previously painted, that layer of paint would also need to be removed. Usually, pressure washing is sufficient to both clean and remove paint from a wooden surface.

After the surface has been cleaned, it can be stained or painted. Doing this not only makes the area look more aesthetically appealing, but it also serves as a protective barrier between the wood and the elements.

While the exact refinishing process depends on the particular finish you wish to achieve, there are some basic across-the-board procedures. As mentioned before, the original finish needs to be stripped. This can be done via pressure washing, aerosol spray paint stripper, or another method. After the surface is stripped, ensure that the surface is dry and residual stripper removed using mineral spirits.

The surface is then sanded using both medium-grit and fine sandpaper. Once all sanding dust is removed, you can go on to stain or paint the surface.


In addition to refinishing wood, we also restore wood that has become damaged from neglect, rot, or natural wear and tear. If a plank of structural wood has rotted out, we can dig out the rotted area and fill it in with an epoxy paste to reform and reshape the wood. Any imperfections are then sanded out, primed, and painted.

Wood is an exceptional building material. It’s beautiful and durable. And now, with reclaimed wood being all the rage, restoring or refinishing a wooden surface in your business may be at the top of your to-do list. If so, give us a call, or fill out our online form to request a free and personalized estimate.

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Our Guarantee
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