Abrasive Paint Removal Using Dry-Ice Blasting

Lakeside Painting, a residential, commercial and industrial painting company, is equipped and experienced with the latest technology in blast cleaning services, including Dry Ice Blasting and Sponge Jet Blasting. No matter how tough the surface or how sensitive the substrate, Lakeside’s experts have the knowledge and equipment to do the job right. With these high-tech methods, your stripping and cleaning needs are completed with a minimum of mess, disruption and downtime.

A number of abrasive blasting systems exist, but Dry Ice (along with Sponge Media) is one of our preferred methods for our commercial and industrial customers.

Dry Ice Blasting is a highly effective abrasive paint removal system that is food-safe and environmentally-friendly. It is a non-hazardous abrasive that will not cause damage to active machinery—perfect for commercial and industrial facilities.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting discharges frozen CO2 particles at high speeds, causing unwanted materials to freeze, crack, and peel away instantly. This food-safe, environmentally-friendly spray can be as aggressive or as gentle as necessary, and can be used even on active machinery without causing damage or hazard. Whether you need heavy-duty stripping or precision surface cleaning, Lakeside can put dry ice to work for you, providing excellent results safely and quickly.

Dry Ice vs. Conventional Abrasives

One of the main advantages of Dry Ice blasting is that unlike Sand-Blasting, for instance, machines do not need to be disassembled. They can be cleaned in place. Dry Ice blasting also affords a quicker clean time and thus less money. As a highly efficient abrasive, Dry Ice can penetrate angles that other abrasive cannot (save for Sponge Media). As a food-safe abrasive, we recommend it for our food processing and manufacturing customers.


One of the chief concerns for many of our commercial and industrial customers is whether or not an abrasive is environmentally-friendly. Dry-Ice fits the bill perfectly on this front. It does not release harmful gases. It meets all USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines, and requires no secondary waste clean-up since the Dry Ice sublimates and returns to the atmosphere.

As the EPA notes: ""Using dry ice blasting reduces harmful air emissions and generally creates no addition to the volume of the cleaning process waste stream."

Lakeside Painting is a Commercial and Industrial Painting Company serving Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin. Vigilant about safety and dedicated to quality, we understand the complex needs of active businesses. At Lakeside, we adapt to provide you excellent, individualized blast cleaning and painting services.

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Dry Ice Blasting
Dry Ice Blasting


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Our Guarantee
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