Experienced Painter: Deepen Your Trade Craft with a Growing Company

If you have experience in the painting industry, you can enhance your skill set with a growing company. What can a Wisconsin painting company offer you? You’ll find several benefits when you partner with the right organization.

Learn New Skills

If you’ve been working on your own as a painter, you can learn new skills with a company. Maybe you’ve worked as a residential painter. Now, you can work on commercial projects and discover the differences between the two areas. Perhaps you’ve used basic tools, and now you can experiment with new gadgets to improve your efficiency or the results.

No matter how long you’ve been working as a painter on Milwaukee properties, you can learn something new with a professional painting company. Expand your skill set and deepen your experience when you team up with a premiere painting organization.

Receive Ongoing Training

It’s easy to get left behind in the painting industry if you’re working on your own. Do you know the latest color trends for home exteriors or fascia? Have you tried the latest techniques for painting on brick? Most painting companies do more than just paint interior walls and exteriors. They repair damaged trim, prep the surfaces for paint, paint floors, and prepare other tasks.

When you work for a painting company, you’ll receive ongoing training. Most of these companies require their employees to complete a certain number of training hours or to be part of inhouse professional development to sharpen their skills or learn new information. This is training you may not get if you work on your own.

Work Your Way Up

If you worked on your own as a Madison painter, you may have done all the work yourself. You might have hired help or you might have done the job alone. Either way, you were probably doing much of the tough work yourself.

In a company, you can start out as a painter and work your way to supervisor or toward other positions of leadership. As you prove your value and continue learning new skills, you’ll be recognized for your ability to lead a team in a painting job. It’s a great way to make more money without working harder. You’re also more likely to have steady work and a stable paycheck when you are part of a team.

Improve Your Reputation

No matter where your skill as a painter takes you in the future, you can enhance your resume when you work with a growing painting company that has a solid reputation in the area. The image of the organization will improve your own, which is why it’s important to choose carefully where you want to work. Consider an organization which offers services you want to include in your own list of skills.

If you have experience painting houses or commercial properties and are looking to join a team, consider a premiere Wisconsin painting company like Lakeside Painting. You can gain experience and new skills while continuing to improve your reputation as a dedicated, knowledgeable painter.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
Lakeside is a premium painting contractor, and we have built a strong reputation among painting companies for our quality work and enduring results. We stand behind our work with a written warranty on all labor and materials.  
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