Dry fall, also referred to as Drop Dry, is a type of paint that contains additives which allow paint droplets to dry rapidly, in the space of ten feet, for example. When applied, the paint falls, dries and then can be swept away, eliminating the risk of traditional spray painting used by many commercial painters. Traditional spray painting can ruin surfaces if not properly masked and contained.

The rate at which dry fall dries is contingent upon temperature and humidity—a low temperature and high humidity environment will increase the dry rate.

At Lakeside Painting, we predominantly apply dry fall paint in exposed structural steel interiors, which are found in factories, storage facilities and manufacturing plants.

Dry fall can also be used for exterior painting of large structures, particularly if automobiles or other structures are nearby. With traditional exterior spraying, the usual masking procedures that contain paint and protect surfaces aren't nearly as effective. This reality, combined with the amount of prep work involved in containment, makes traditional spraying relatively unattractive. (Keep in mind that neither all interior or exterior structures will require dry fall painting; it is something to be discussed between Lakeside Painting and our customers.)

To eliminate the risk of drifting paint particles, paint contractors often turn to the roller. But, covering large surface areas with the roller is equally inefficient when it comes to time.

Dry fall paints, which are available in acrylic, alkyd and epoxy formulations, therefore have become a great alternative.

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Dry Fall Painting
Dry Fall Painting


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