Painting hospital and healthcare facilities has long been an area of expertise for Wisconsin-based Lakeside Painting, a painting company with more than 30 years of experience. Commercial painting contractors find unique challenges in a hospital or healthcare facility that simply don’t exist in home painting or in painting a commercial storefront or factory.

A hospital painting project, for example, will require a great deal of strategic thinking and foresight in the realm of color, paint VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and maintaining a controlled and sterile working and recovery environment.

We like to consult with healthcare administrators and doctors themselves on the best practices for ensuring a safe and clean working environment—the patients and healthcare professionals deserve it. Sterility is critical in a hospital environment, whether it be in a routine check-up, surgery or recovery.

The nature of this particular industry demands that a painting contractor identify problem areas where invasive bacteria might be harboring—such as an area near a leaky pipe. Once identified, the repairs must be made, then quality paint is applied and inspected thoroughly before the job is considered complete. The proper paint will ensure a sterile environment. And just as a family should opt for low or zero-VOC paints for their home once a newborn has arrived (though we recommend it for all, generally), the same holds true in a healthcare facility.

There cannot be high VOCs floating about the facility while commercial painters are at work, since it has potential to jeopardize health professionals and their patients. Nor can VOCs be present after the project is completed. Neither is acceptable. Color Theory also comes into play in a healthcare facility. We know that certain colors have a calming effect on both adults and children, and the same holds true in an operating or check-up room. There is a reason that Lakeside Painting is the commercial painting contractor of choice for healthcare painting projects: We have a deep understanding of a project’s dimensions and can deliver the expected results. Schedule Your Free Estimate Today. Call Us Now: (800) 642-9445.


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Commercial Clients Who Hire Lakeside

  • PCA “Packaging Corporation of America”
  • Harley Motorcycles
  • RockTenn Industries
  • GE Energy – Generac Power Systems
  • Krones Industries – Guhring, Inc.
  • Case New Holland – Rexnord Industries
  • American Girl – Husco International
  • Birds Eye Foods – Baptista’s Bakery
  • Golden Guernsey – Kemps – Nestles

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
Lakeside is a premium painting contractor, and we have built a strong reputation among painting companies for our quality work and enduring results. We stand behind our work with a written warranty on all labor and materials.  
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