Coating Metal With Electrostatic Paint Technology

Electrostatic painting is a high-tech method of painting metal objects, from elevator doors and metal staircases to filing cabinets and metal railings. Lakeside Painting has considerable experience in using electrostatic paint technology, and are happy to put it to work on your next residential, commercial or industrial project. 

Below, we discuss the benefits of this method of metal coating.

Cost Savings

Compared to repurchasing file cabinets, metal desks, lockers or large/small machinery, Electrostatic Painting is highly economical. The technology involved in application allows painters to achieve a finish that appears brand new. Electrostatic also cuts down on commercial and industrial business disruption, which also helps with cost savings. This ultimately depends on the amount of prep work. But if the preparation is limited, this type of coating can be finished overnight.  

Electrostatic Painting brings a high-tech and environmentally-friendly approach to the coating of metal objects, including metal desks, locker rooms, large and small machinery, and more. 

How Electrostatic Paint Works

Electrostatic Painting invovles the spraying of electrically-charged paint at a metal object or surface with the opposite charge. To achieve the opposite charge, we attach a negative electrode to the metal surface. The resultant magnetic attraction pulls paint particles toward the object or surface, reducing overspray and limiting the amount of protective materials typically necessary for the job. As a result, set-up and clean-up is streamlined and faster than other paint methods.

And since the paint particles are like-charged, the paint spreads in an even fashion instead of leaving build-up, thin coats, drips and areas with running. And, of course, Electrostatic sprays creates a flat, uniform surface that simply cannot be achieved with a brush. 


One of the great upsides to Electrostatic Paint technology is that it is green and sustainable. This is not only important to us here at Lakeside Painting, but to many of our commercial and industrial customers. It works like this: since the positively-charged paint particles are attracted to the negatively-charged metal surface, less paint particles are released into the atmosphere. 

Lakeside Painting is an Industrial and Commercial Painting Company provind electrostatic painting and related services in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin. Vigilant about safety and dedicated to quality, we understand the complex needs of active businesses. At Lakeside, we adapt to provide you excellent, individualized blast cleaning and painting services.

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