Baseboards take many a beating. We crash into them with our vacuum cleaners, we whack them with our brooms, and we charge at them with a full frontal attack whenever we’re trying to prevent that spider from escaping into the wall.

On top of that, these important yet often overlooked pieces of masonry seldom get cleaned. I mean, when was the last time you were on your hands and knees with a toothbrush cleaning your baseboards? We rest our case. It’s no wonder that baseboards can often look raggedy long before our walls are in need of painting.

Fortunately, if you live in the great state of Wisconsin, Lakeside Painting offers a number of residential painting services and can get your baseboards, trim, and mouldings of all kinds looking their best in no time.

What is a Baseboard?

Look at your wall. You see that piece of wood at the bottom of your wall that’s touching the floor? That’s the baseboard.

Without the baseboard, you’d have a pretty funky looking gap between your walls and your floor. However, baseboards are not purely aesthetic; they are also functional. Baseboards protect the bottom of the drywall from being damaged, they create a stopping point for dirt, and they keep the painted drywall from becoming damaged by feet and shoes.

Painting Your Baseboards

The baseboards in your house are white, aren’t they? Most of them are. White baseboards highlight the color of your walls and ceilings, but while this is standard, it’s not the only way to go. Painting your baseboards a lighter hue of the wall color can actually make the room look larger.

For example, if your walls are painted gray, a significantly lighter shade of gray will give the room a more expansive look. You can also paint the baseboards the same color as the walls. This is not standard and may take some getting used to, but it will create the illusion that the room is larger than it really is.


Trim is those decorative pieces of wood that you see around your doors and windows. However, much like baseboards, trim serves a purpose that is not purely aesthetic. Without trim, you’d see messy cuts of drywall and unappealing seams. You’d also damage your drywall (and structural integrity) each time you ran into the door frame with a couch, desk, or some other hefty object you’re moving around the house.

Our professional painters can not only paint your window and door trim, but we can repair it. If the trim in your home has chipped, cracked, or otherwise become damaged, we can restore these problem areas and then paint them to make them look new. As with baseboards, while white is the norm, it is not your only option.


Crown moulding is like a baseboard for your ceiling. It was once very popular in high-end luxury homes and has made its cycle and is once again prevalent in the world of architecture. In older homes, crown moulding can help to support older plaster walls and ceilings while decreasing the potential for visible cracks. It also adds visual presence and can make your home feel more upscale.

Because crown moulding is often rather ornate, painting it can be a chore. But not for us. Our experience and skills can give your crown moulding (or any type of moulding for that matter) the fresh look that you’ve been wanting.

If you live in Wisconsin and need your baseboards, trim, or moulding repaired and/or repainted, give us a call. We will be happy to drive out to your home and give you a free estimate. And because we back all of our work with a written guarantee, Lakeside Painting is a company you can trust for all of your residential painting needs.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
Lakeside is a premium painting contractor, and we have built a strong reputation among painting companies for our quality work and enduring results. We stand behind our work with a written warranty on all labor and materials.  
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