Almost everyone loves fireplaces. They look cozy, add character to your home, and keep you warm. In fact, before there was central heating, there were fireplaces. Unfortunately, some fireplaces are so dated that they look as if they were built in centuries past.

Fireplaces are definite focal points and can either make or break the room they’re in. If you live in southeast Wisconsin and your fireplace is in need of some attention, reach out to the professional painting contractors at Lakeside Painting. Our decades of experience will have your mantle, fireplace, and wainscoting looking like something out of a magazine.


A mantle is the (typically) wooden frame that surrounds a fireplace. Mantles are almost as crucial for creating the look you desire as the fireplace itself.

Painting a mantle can be tricky as they are often extremely ornate and require precision. Furthermore, picking a color that fits the scheme of your home yet stands out can be a little complicated for the untrained eye.

People often opt to paint their mantles white, but a different paint color can have a dramatic effect. It can draw the fireplace out, or it can take the attention off of worn stone, brick, or tile that you’ve been unable to replace.

And unlike many paint companies, when you hire Lakeside’s professional painters, we guarantee all of our residential work with a five-year labor and materials warranty, so if something goes wrong, we’ll come out to fix it free of charge.


Let’s face it: red brick fireplaces are not really fashionable these days. But our highly trained interior painters can give that old fireplace the facelift you’ve been craving.

German Smear (or mortar wash) is very popular these days. It involves smearing mortar mixed with water on the fireplaces – more heavily in some places than others. This creates a two-tone brick that is very aesthetically appealing and also easy to do.

In addition to this technique, we can also use regular paint to help you achieve the look you’re seeking to create. While brick fireplaces are usually the ones to get painted, it’s also possible to paint stone fireplaces as well.


Wainscoting has been around for centuries. It originated with the Dutch in the 1300s and was used to protect the bottom half of the wall from jostled chairs, spurs on riding boots, and more.

Today, wainscoting continues to guard our walls against dirt-caked shoes, food-caked fingerprints in the kitchen, and inevitable scuffs in close quarters along hallways and stairs.

Besides being functional, wainscoting gives rooms a handsome, well-built appearance. It is available in a variety of patterns and panel options to suit almost any décor. Solid wood is the traditional construction material for wainscoting, but today, it can also be made from plywood, plastic, and medium-density fiberboard.

Painting wainscoting is one of the many painting services that our professionals provide.

If you are searching for residential painting contractors in southeast Wisconsin, look no further than Lakeside Painting. We are all about the satisfaction of our customers, and we prove it through our flexible hours, exceptional customer service, and extensive labor and materials warranty.

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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
Lakeside is a premium painting contractor, and we have built a strong reputation among painting companies for our quality work and enduring results. We stand behind our work with a written warranty on all labor and materials.  
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