Lakeside is a premium painting contractor, and we have built a strong reputation among painting companies for our quality work and enduring results. We stand behind our work with a written warranty on all labor and materials.

Residential Painting Warranty

Lakeside´s interior painting projects are warrantied for up to 5 years on labor and materials. Our exterior painting projects receive a warranty for up to 3 years.

Commercial & Industrial Painting Warranty

Lakeside’s professional paint contractors are equipped and trained to make every paint job perform to its maximum potential, and we back up our work with a warranty of up to 10 years on exterior block, brick, and concrete surfaces. All of our interior painting work is warrantied for up to 5 years.

What does “Labor & Materials” mean?

Some warranties are misleading because they cover materials only. This means that in the case of a paint-failure claim, the paint contractor or manufacturer would only refund the cost of the paint itself. On a job where the house painting cost is in the thousands, the homeowner would only receive a few hundred dollars. Lakeside’s written Warranty on Labor and Materials promises that we will provide you with the right product to repair any failed paint, AND we will personally repair the affected areas at no cost to you. 

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