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exterior residential painting

Residential Painting & Floor Coatings in Wisconsin

Lakeside Painting knows that your home is the focal point of your life. It’s the place your family and heart live. For this reason, we communicate during each stage of an interior or exterior paint project to better understand your unique needs and desires.

Every home project deserves its own personalized attention to detail. So we treat each customer and their home with the utmost care and respect. To serve Southeastern Wisconsin homes, Lakeside Painting uses only the best products and techniques. As such, all home painting projects are backed by our 3-year warranty covering both work and materials.

interior painting

Interior Painting

A well-painted and designed home interior is perhaps the most important aspect of a residential space. Most of our time is spent at home, so it makes perfect sense that our interior spaces should comfortable, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether the coatings are for walls, ceilings, trim, or even cabinetry and bookcases, residential homeowners want a look that exudes happiness, live-in warmth, and even luxury. Lakeside Painting offers these Interior Painting services and many more!

  • If you’re looking for inspiration on how to best refresh the walls in your home, we’ve got you covered.
  • Whatever the season, check out these ideas for giving your home the “cottage look”.

Click here for more info on our Interior Painting services.

back yard of house

Exterior Painting

A residential exterior is your home’s interface with the outside world. Its design and paint job should be stylistically harmonious but also highly functional. That is, the various coats of paint should protect your home from the elements like wind, rain, snow, et cetera.

Regular and proper maintenance, from light repair work to paint touch-ups, will keep your home exterior looking and functioning great!

  • Do you want to give your home exterior a modern paint makeover? See how we upgraded this residential exterior with new colors.
  • If you’re a homeowner looking to use different paint colors to transform your home exterior, think about using two-tone color schemes.
  • Need some tips for choosing your home exterior color palette?

Click here for more info on our Exterior Painting services.

kitchen recently renovated

Cabinet Painting & Finishing

Whether in your kitchen, washroom, or bedrooms, cabinets are one of the most used features of your home. More than perhaps any other home interior element, cabinetry gets a lot of wear and tear.

To keep your cabinets looking great and functioning as they should, it’s important to maintain them with paint touch-ups or completely new finishes. This can be either a new coat of paint or natural wood stains.

  • Upgrade kitchen cabinets for a modern look with these ideas.
  • If you want to restore your home cabinets, drawers, and doors, here are a few things to think about.
  • Curious about new kitchen cabinet design trends? Then explore some modern takes on home cabinetry with us.

Click here for more info on our Cabinet Finishing services.

car inside garage

Garage Floor Coatings

The garage is an extremely important space in your home. Not only does it hold your motorized vehicles, but it can doubles as workshop and storage space.

Ideally, garages should be neatly laid out and organized, but just as important are well-maintained garage floors. Over time, concrete floors become distressed and damaged, which is why we offer our residential customers a number of garage floor systems. And for those homeowners who need help with storage and organization, we offer professional garage design and organization services.

  • If you’re wondering what season is the best time for applying new garage coatings, we’re here tell you it’s summer.
  • Everything you need to know about garage makeovers, from garage floors to tips on organizing space.

Click here for more info on our Garage Floor Coating and Organization services.


Professional Painting Certifications

Over our 40+ years of doing business, Lakeside Painting has accrued a number of professional painting certifications and credentials. This is just part of crafting great and lasting work for our residential customers.

Lakeside’s certifications and credentials are a major part of holding our company to a perpetually high standard. We are incredibly proud of these affiliations, and are happy to talk with any existing or potential customers who want to know more about our credentials.

Residential Painting Across Southeastern Wisconsin