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Concrete Floor Coating in Milwaukee, WI

Polishing Concrete With Industrial Floor Applications

Concrete polishing is the industrial flooring process of grinding, polishing and treating concrete floors to supply strength and abrasion resistance to the surface. Compared to some other floor treatments, it is relatively inexpensive. It is also easy to install, extremely hygienic, and quite simple to clean and otherwise maintain.

Ideal for high-traffic and industrial flooring areas, polished concrete can be found widely in manufacturing plants, storage facilities, food production facilities, commercial retail stores, and many other commercial and industrial spaces. We’ve recently installed polished concrete flooring systems at Generac’s Whitewater location. The flooring system also has applications in residential, institutional, and government markets.

How Concrete Floor Polishing Works

  1. First, we grind a concrete floor to achieve proper flatness and aggregate exposure.
  2. Surface imperfections (gouges, bubbles, chips, etc.) are filled with a latex grout to achieve a uniformly flat surface.
  3. Next, we densify the surface. What this means is a water-based concrete hardener is applied to the concrete, which also helps render the floor dust-free. Bonus!
  4. Finer and finer diamond-tipped grinders are run over the concrete in successive stages. This gives the concrete the desired surface gloss, which will vary according to customer needs.
  5. In the final step, the surface is impregnated to ensure water and stain resistance.

After this step-by-step process is complete, we do a final inspection with our industrial or commercial customers. One thing to keep in mind with polished concrete is that it will be relatively easy to keep its luster and appearance. It will also be easy to clean—which, again, makes for a safer workplace.

Polish Concrete Flooring in Milwaukee, WI

Appearance & Ambient Light Enhancement

Polished concrete can be exceptional beautiful and aesthetic like a granite or marble floor. Through a glossy veneer you can see the aggregate of concrete mix below. When coupled with the right interior design at a residential property, it can bring either a minimal or highly modernist look to the space. In industrial and commercial interiors, polished concrete looks clean and professional. With a well-thought out lighting scheme, the floor will have a brilliant, highly attractive appearance. The polished concrete can also be augmented with colors for additional style and elegance.

Ambient lighting will be enhanced by up to 100%. What does this mean for businesses and home/condo owners? Greater energy efficiency (lower electrical costs), less lights, and better overall lighting in any given space. What’s more, polished concrete will keep its looks for years to come with very little upkeep (discussed below in more detail).

Cost Savings & Life Cycle

As noted above, concrete polishing is a long term cost-effective solution for your facility. Compared to other floor treatments, its costs are more practical, especially when extended maintenance costs are considered. It should be noted that the installation costs are about the same as most epoxy coatings. Concrete Polishing is easy, clean, and safe to install. Lakeside Painting has a separate division that concentrates exclusively on this flooring system.

Polished concrete’s life cycle is roughly 5 to 10 years before it requires refinishing. By comparison, epoxy floor coatings last two to five years. With concrete floors, an industrial sealer must be re-applied every six to twelve months on average.

Safety (Slip Coefficient)

Static co-efficient of Friction (SCOF), or “slip coefficient,” is the measure of a floor’s slip resistance, taken from a resting position. This is important for industrial and commercial businesses who want to increase worker safety. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends flat surfaces have a 0.50 SCOF. Polished concrete meets and exceeds that number, making it an incredibly safe alternative to other flooring systems.

*Note: The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) also set 0.50 SCOF or higher as its benchmark for safe flooring.

concrete flooring

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete Floor Polishing is an eco-friendly industrial and commercial flooring solution on a number of fronts. For one, it doesn’t require a ton of wattage to install, which is not often a consideration. It very rarely needs any surface refurbishment/replacement, and features Low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials. This makes it both good for workplace breathing, but also better for the exterior environment.

Its environmentally-friendliness is matched by its beauty and brilliance. Flatter, shinier concrete floors make for more illuminated spaces, which cuts down on electricity usage of industrial and commercial lighting fixtures. Although great for company overhead, it’s also yet another upside for the environment.

Lakeside Painting is an Industrial and Commercial Painting Company serving Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin. Vigilant about safety and dedicated to quality, we understand the complex needs of active businesses. At Lakeside, we adapt to provide you excellent, individualized blast cleaning and painting services.

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