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cleaning services

We’ve Seen and Cleaned it All

Cleaning comes quite naturally to a painter. Any good one will tell you that one of the most critical steps of the painting process is preparation. And the first step of preparation is cleaning.

Over the years, Lakeside Painting has developed many tricks and accumulated an array of equipment for quickly but efficiently cleaning surfaces. We’re regularly called on to clean a multitude of structures and objects, from exposed structural steel ceilings and grease-covered equipment, to sticky labeling machines and glue application equipment.

While Lakeside Painting has a multitude of equipment at our disposal, the most important cleaning ingredients are simple—soap, water, and elbow grease. Many cleaning projects demand only a good detergent/degreaser and water, as well as a person who knows what they’re doing.

industrial cleaning

Structures & Surfaces That Need Cleaning

Many surfaces, structures, and pieces of machinery require industrial cleaning. Anyone who owns or manages a manufacturing facility will tell you how, over time, the various surfaces accumulate dirty, grime, mold, and other potential contaminants. Lakeside Painting performs the following industrial cleaning services:

  • Dust Removal — From exposed structural ceilings, walls, ceilings, floors, and machinery. (Dust builds up over time during manufacturing processes.)
  • Grease Removal — From manufacturing equipment, as well as wall, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces.
  • Clean & Disinfect — Food Industry facility floors, walls, ceilings, and machinery. (Food facilities can build up mold, dirt, and other contaminants over time, if not cleaned.)
  • Paint Removal — From walls, ceilings, floors, and machinery.

Cleaning Materials & Techniques

We have a number of industrial cleaning techniques at our disposal, and all of the equipment needed to do it. Before we do any cleaning, enclosures are typically built to contain and capture things like dust, grime, mold, etc.

Vacuum Brooms

An alternative to or substitute for pressurized air, vacuum brooms are used to dislodge dust and other debris and contaminants.

High-Pressure Air

Using High-Pressure Air systems, our industrial cleaning professionals can dislodge dust, dirt, and other build-up to make facilities look clean and professional.

Hot Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners

For the removal of more stubborn oils, greases, and build-up, we offer customers the option of hot pressure washers and industrial steam cleaners.

Floor Scrubbers/HEPA Wet Vacuum Systems/HEPA Air Scrubbers

Used for cleaning industrial floors and interior spaces.

Vapor Blasting

A “dustless” cleaning system, vapor blasting is a hybrid that combines vaporized water with sand. Vapor blasting traps dust and, once any remaining liquid water evaporates, makes the sand and debris easy to collect and clean up.

Dry-Ice Blasting

Tiny pellets of dry ice are blasted at surfaces to clean them (The pellets remove dust, dirt, grime, etc., then evaporate, allowing us to sweep up and remove the debris.)

Sponge Blasting

Polypropylene sponge particles are used to remove stubborn dirt, grease, etc. Sponge media can dislodge and absorb heavy dirt and other debris. (Can be more robust and efficient by adding aluminum oxide plastic or sodium carbonate soda.)

Cold Water & High Pressure Cleaning

For cleaning some exterior surfaces. (For this kind of cleaning, Lakeside Painting typically carries machines with up to 6,000 psi and down to 1,500 psi.)

industrial cleaning

Selecting the Right Tool for the Right Job Is Imperative

Understanding which type of solvent, degreaser, or chemical is best suited for the cleaning project an important aspect of the job. We know this because, over the years, we’ve cleaned everything we’ve ever painted.

Attention to detail, and knowing which arrow to pull from your quiver, or which piece of equipment is best suited for the task at hand is the secret to efficient and quality cleaning services at Lakeside we’ve been cleaning for over 40 years so if you’ve got something in your facility or your home that requires cleaning give us a call.

Whenever possible, we use biodegradable products. When using chemicals for cleaning, such as solvents, we always responsibly dispose of spent products through proper channels.

cleaning services

Cleaning for Covid-19

In 2020, Lakeside Painting was regularly called on by customers to disinfect industrial and commercial surfaces to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

To do this, we first clean the surfaces with some of the materials and techniques detailed above. We then apply our sanitizing solution for an extra layer of surface disinfection.

cleaning services

Residential & Commercial

Lakeside Painting has many residential and commercial customers who call us to clean the outside of their homes and buildings.

For these projects, we use biodegradable mold-and-mildew-removing detergents in combination with chlorine bleach to clean the exteriors. We follow this step with pressure washing to clean and renew the exterior surfaces. And while we’re there, we also clean out home and commercial building gutters.

industrial cleaning

Safety Is Paramount

Lakeside Painting always strives to perform our work in as safe a manner as possible. Doubly so when effectively and efficiently cleaning surfaces.

You can read about our safety procedures here. And our blog regularly features content on safety training.

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