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Lakeside Painting Premiere installers at work on a construction site in Milwaukee, WI.

Premiere Installers

Some Lakeside Painting residential and commercial customers require wallpaper/wallcovering solutions. As with each of our services, we are happy to help realize your wallpaper or wallcovering needs.

For residential customers, Lakeside Painting’s install the latest wallpaper designs to help enhance your home’s interior design and atmosphere. For commercial and some industrial customers, we install the most cutting edge wallcovering technologies to your facility’s walls.

One of the advantages of wallcovering—in both a home and commercial space—is that it gives the customer alternatives in pricing and appearance. Certain wallpapers might be a bit more expensive than a standard paint job, but in the long run it becomes a budget consideration for home and business owners alike.

The effects that can be achieved are endless. Great artistic detail can be achieved with painting, but it can be done more easily with wallpaper. The look and the feel of any room will be changed.

Lakeside Painting team busy with wallpaper installation in Milwaukee, WI.

Wallpaper & Wallcovering Solutions

Lakeside Painting works with both standard-issue and custom wallpapers from suppliers like Sherwin-Williams, as well as boutique companies. Lakeside has worked with wallpaper designed by customers themselves and has seen a variety of patterns and colors which would be quite difficult to achieve with paint alone.

Lakeside Painting has over 40 years of experience in helping customers select and deliver the desired wallcovering for their home or office, whether it be a boardroom or a nursery. Our installers are highly trained craftsmen who work cleanly, efficiently and with great respect for the time and space of our customers.

Our knowledge of wallcovering and quality control have made us one of the premiere installers in Southeastern Wisconsin, including Burlington, Brookfield and Mukwonago.

Home interior during wallpaper installation in Milwaukee, WI, by Lakeside Painting.

Wallpaper Installation for Homes

Home wallpaper installation is more about aesthetics and atmosphere than function. In this way, it differs markedly from a coat of paint.

Wallpapering entire rooms or accent walls in your home is about creating a vibe through unique colors, patterns, and graphic designs. The wallpaper itself is thin and won’t hold up as long as a coat of paint. While a coat of paint will not be as dynamic or intricate as a wallpaper design, it is far more durable.

During our 40-plus years of business, we’ve seen residential wallpaper’s popularity ebb and flow. This is just the nature of interior design.

Trendy or not, a great wallpaper design always looks great. That is, if it’s done well by wallpapering professionals.

Wallpaper & Wallcoverings for Businesses

Some businesses need wallcoverings of a more commercial grade. That is to say, wallcoverings that are larger, wider, and thicker than residential wallpaper. You can see these commercial wallcoverings installed in places like office buildings, retail outlets, hospitals, hotels, and so on. Vinyl wallcovering can be easier to clean than paint because it’s more durable and stronger. Commercial grade wallcoverings can be scrubbed—paint coatings cannot.

One thing to note is that commercial wallcoverings are more expensive than paint coatings. They’re also harder to repair if damaged.

The most common types of wallcoverings are:

Vinyl Coated Paper

Wallcoverings in which a decorative surface of acrylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is sprayed or coated on a paper substrate.

Paper-Backed Vinyl/Solid Sheet Vinyl

Highly durable wallcoverings that feature a decorative surface/finish laminated onto the paper (pulp) substrate.

Fabric-Backed Vinyl

Wallcoverings with either a woven or synthetic substrate upon which is laminated a solid vinyl decorative surface.

Residential Painting Across Southeastern Wisconsin