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VCT Floor Sealing Lakeside Painting

VCT floors (Vinyl Composite Tile) are a common feature at many box retail stories and commercial office spaces. VCT, or “Vinyl Floors,” are highly durable and usually quite easy to clean and maintain. However, the wax coating on VCT floors must undergo periodic stripping and reapplication.

For those customers unsatisfied with VCT’s wax coatings, Lakeside Painting offers a VCT Floor Sealing service. Using the product NeverStrip, we seal the VCT floors with a more robust and durable coating than wax, which ultimately passes down maintenance savings to our customers. While the floors won’t have to be stripped again, there will be occasional reapplication of sealer.

To reseal VCT floors, first we strip off the existing vinyl wax, which is likely failing. Next we apply a sealer that is ultimately stronger and longer-lasting than the original wax coat.

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