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Broadcast Flooring at Lakeside Painting

A type of Epoxy flooring, Broadcast Floor Coatings involve the broadcasting (throwing) of often colorful vinyl flake or quartz sand onto the epoxy. Broadcast Floors are an increasingly popular flooring system for Lakeside Painting’s industrial and commercial customers. Broadcast floor systems are frequently found on factory floors, car wash facilities, university buildings, home garages, and many more interior environments.

Known for being quite attractive to the eye as an interior design element, Broadcast Floor Coating is a type of decorative flooring. In consultation with Lakeside Painting’s floor experts, customers pick out different colored vinyl flakes and sand. This flooring’s decorative touch also holds up well to high amounts of dirt.

As an industrial coating, Broadcast Floors are a highly durable protectant of concrete. They also hold up extremely well to fork truck and other vehicle traffic.

If your business facility is a wet environment, Broadcast floors are a great choice because of their anti-slip qualities. This slip-resistance texture is fashioned with either vinyl flake or, more commonly, quartz sand. On the other hand, if your facility is a dry space, then money savings can be had with just a smooth epoxy coating (see the section on Epoxy Floor Coating).

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