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Safety, Quality, Productivity

At Lakeside Painting, a regular refrain at company meetings is the motto “Safety, Quality, Productivity.” Our Safety Commitment is ties into our Company Culture and is Job #1 at Lakeside Painting.  

We care about our team and if safety isn’t prioritized, then people can get hurt. No one wants that—not the company, the employees, or our customers. We stay safe with monthly safety meetings, as well as weekly “Toolbox Talks” that also emphasize workplace safety. Lakeside Painting’s safety protocols also to daily job site safety walk-throughs.  

With safety prioritized, quality and productivity follow. In that order—no exceptions. 

As we tell employees, if these three things get out of sync, there will be problems. If productivity is placed in front of quality, then we will likely need to go back and sloppy work. If productivity is placed in front of safety, then we run the risk of accidents that, again, no one wants.  

Beyond the company’s regular safety training, we also subscribe to three different safety organizations: ISNetworld, Aveta, and Summit Safety. We also follow all federal OSHA safety guidelines. 

The bottom line: we try our very best to maintain a top quality safe environment for our people.   

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