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The History of Lakeside Painting

Lakeside Painting has its origins in both Residential Painting and Flooring. Before founding Lakeside Painting, company president Joe Pangburn painted and maintained houses with his father, Warren, under the name Pangburn Home Maintenance. At the same time, he was working for Micor, a local Wisconsin epoxy floor coating manufacturer.

Joe founded Lakeside Painting in 1981 with the goal of focusing on residential painting. At the time, jobs were hard to come by, so Joe made his own. Since he’d been painting for as long as he could remember, it made a lot of sense to form a company based around this trade craft.

While residential painting was and remains a vital part of the company, Lakeside Painting gradually moved into new commercial construction during its early years. For many years the company painted both new residential and commercial projects. Over time, the company shifted into becoming “repaint specialists” for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Why? Lakeside Painting likes working directly for the end user, whether they be a home or business owner.

As Lakeside Painting moved more aggressively into the industrial market, the company recognized the high demand for epoxy floor solutions. Already familiar with these coatings via Micor, Joe made epoxy and cementitious urethane floor installations a company priority. In the last 10-plus years, Lakeside Painting has expanded heavily into concrete floor polishing for industrial, commercial, and even some residential customers.

From a two-man show to its current annual employment of 25 people, Lakeside Painting has never strayed far from its roots. Not only do we still offer painting and flooring solutions, but we remain family-run and owned.

Equally as important, the company ethos is built on “honest, straightforward service.” These are the principles Joe’s father Warren taught him. When Joe and the rest of the company put them to work at Lakeside Painting, it all paid off.

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