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Quality Exposed Ceiling Services Near You

Our Lakeside Painting, Inc. team has been in business in the Milwaukee, WI, area for many years. Our family-owned and operated business has been around since the 1970s. While we started as a residential painting company, our expertise has grown and expanded into commercial painting and flooring services. Our company focuses on expert craftsmanship and customer satisfaction for every project, whether we’re painting exposed structure ceilings or laying a new floor coating.

Large exposed structural ceiling above an industrial workspace in Milwaukee, WI.

Painting of Exposed Structural Ceilings

While exposed structural ceilings can be a bit of an eyesore, they can quickly turn into the statement piece of your business or home with the right services. All you need is a little paint and a professional. With our experts at Lakeside Painting, Inc., your ceiling can quickly be transformed to help protect you and improve the appearance of your property. If you are searching for the best ceiling paint services in Milwaukee, WI, our Lakeside Painting, Inc. team is right for you.

Why Is It Important to Fix an Exposed Structural Ceiling?

Exposed structural ceilings can be tricky to incorporate into the design of your commercial or residential building. Different methods will be used depending on the exact look you want. Our professional painters will examine and assess how the size of the room or building and the height of the ceiling will affect the method we recommend. No matter the type of ceiling treatment we recommend, we will always recommend painting an exposed structural ceiling because it is the safer, cleaner, and more attractive option.

The Benefits of Painting an Exposed Ceiling

The benefits of painting an exposed ceiling include the following:

  • Prevents and lessens the amount of dirt and dust collecting on the ceiling
  • Preventing fallout or debris from the exposed ceiling
  • Sealing the ceiling material (especially crucial in historic or older buildings)
  • Prevents rust from occurring on metal portions of the ceiling
  • Saves money by preventing future damages

Tips for Painting Exposed Ceilings

  • Choose the Right Paint – Choosing the right paint is essential when painting your ceiling. The wrong paint can peel and possibly do more damage than good, and the correct ceiling paint finish can make it stand out. Specific and tailored exposed ceiling paint products ensure an even, long-lasting coat. When you choose Lakeside Painting, Inc, you can have peace of mind knowing that our team will always provide you with the right paint for the right job.
  • Protect the Surrounding Area – When painting, you’ll need to protect the area you’re painting so that the paint doesn’t damage. For example, if you own a showroom with exposed structural ceilings, we will ask that you remove or cover the merchandise and other structures in the area.
  • Use the Right Tools – While painting your exposed structural ceiling on your own may seem like a good idea, it can be dangerous and ineffective without the proper tools. Our team at Lakeside Painting, Inc, has all of the tools needed to create the look you’re going for, at an affordable price.

Use the Right Ceiling Paint Color

  • Pop of Color – Creative businesses or homeowners often use a statement color to paint their exposed ceilings. This can be a great way to incorporate color without overwhelming the viewer.
  • Monotone – Painting an exposed ceiling the same color as the walls is a great way to help the exposed ceiling disappear. Even a soft grey or beige can help the ceiling disappear to avoid distraction from the product at your business.
  • Black – While black can be a risky paint color, it has the opposite effect on exposed ceilings. When you paint your ceiling black, you effectively erase many of the “ugly” parts of the exposed ceiling. Black ceilings are best used when there is plenty of overhead or natural lighting so the room doesn’t get too dark. Even better, it can quickly and affordably modernize the look of a room at an affordable price.
  • White or Light – Similarly, if your room or space is dark or doesn’t get proper lighting, we recommend painting your exposed ceiling white or a light color. This can transform a dark room.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of professionals has years of experience providing Milwaukee, WI, and surrounding areas with incredible painting and floor coating services. We have the experts and the products to deliver the following services to residential and commercial properties:

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Lakeside Painting Inc. is prepared to help you maximize your exposed ceiling. For quality exposed structure ceiling painting services, our team of expert professionals can help. Contact our team to get started.


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