Accidents are just a part of life. The United States Department of Labor found that slips, trips, and falls make up the largest sector of general industry accidents. These on-site accidents cause 15 percent of annual accidental deaths, 25 percent of reported injury claims, and approximately 65 percent of all work days lost (more than 95 million lost work days).

However, there are certain proactive measures you can take to protect workers and guests from incurring an injury while in your facility.

Wherever fork truck and pedestrian traffic converge, safety aisle stripes are sometimes applied as hash marks or chevrons. Some businesses also have professional painters apply stop signs and other traffic signals to the floor in an effort to keep workers and guests safe.

Like any quality project, proper preparation is the key to success. If you want aisle striping that will stay down for years in an area with extremely high levels of traffic, we do a little extra prep work to make sure this happens. First, we clean all oils and grease from the floor. We then grind the surface with a diamond grinder and apply two layers of epoxy. We have seen lines that are made using this technique last up to eight years in an environment with incredibly high traffic.

Different lines, symbols, colors, and shapes are used to portray differing messages. We typically use an airless laser striper to apply safety aisle striping. This method of application is cost effective. However, it tends to have a slight, fuzzy edge and can slightly change dimensions due to the machine’s sensitivity to bumps and potholes in the floor.

Although lines created with our airless laser striper look great, some customers request very clean, crisp, and sharp-edged lines. We are happy to do this by establishing the lines with masking tape and hand-applying the epoxy line wherever required.

Safety line stripes are also helpful in preventing slips in your facility. Areas in warehouses that are typically slick due to water, oil, sawdust, or something else can be demarcated using line striping. These markings will be an indication to employees that they should proceed with caution.

The professional painting contractors at Lakeside Painting are experts in epoxy safety line striping application. We can also help patch cracked concrete to ensure that your facility’s floor is smooth, even, and safe. Additionally, we offer various types of floor coatings and finishes that can drastically reduce the likelihood of slippage.

We love our employees, and we know you do too! Help keep yours safe with fork truck and pedestrian aisle striping.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
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