Wallpaper was once super fashionable, and you’d see it all over your grandma’s house – fruit baskets in the kitchen, seashells in the bathroom, and weird patterns everywhere else. An eyesore for sure. But like most things in the world, it has cycled through and become popular again.

However, unlike your grandma’s wallpaper, modern wallcoverings are quite aesthetically pleasing. They are available in a variety of colors and designs. In addition to fabric and paper wallpaper, vinyl wallcoverings and textured vinyl wallcoverings are also an option.

One of the residential painting services that Lakeside offers is the removal and installation of wallpaper and other wallcoverings. If you reside in southeast Wisconsin and are interested in having wallpaper applied or removed from your walls, reach out to our professional painters for more information.

There are many reasons why homeowners are flocking toward wallpaper: Removal-and-Installation-of-Wallpaper

Cost Efficiency

While installing wallpaper costs a bit more than just painting your walls, wallpaper lasts longer and is easier to maintain than painted walls, so you definitely get your money’s worth in the long run.

And because we offer a guarantee on all of our residential work, if anything goes wrong, we’ll come out and fix it at no charge to you.


Wallpaper is a lot more versatile than paint. The textures, designs, and patterns are practically endless. Of course, you can have a painting contractor come out to your home and paint murals and designs on your wall, but a wallcovering will provide a neater, longer lasting, and more uniform look.


On average, wallpaper lasts five times longer than a standard paint job. This fact alone more than makes up for the higher initial costs of installing wallpaper. Furthermore, while painted walls need to be cleaned regularly to retain their appearance, wallpaper does not.

Wallpaper Application

Before you apply wallpaper, you first need to properly prep the walls in your home. You should do this by filling any holes and cracks with spackle. After the holes have been filled, you will need to sand down the patches to make them flush with the rest of the wall.

After sanding, clean your walls to remove any dust or debris. Apply primer. Then, measure your walls and cut out the paper. Apply adhesive to the back of the wall covering and adhere the wallcovering. Then, roll a dry paint roller over the wallpaper to secure it in place.

Wallpaper Removal

Before you can remove your wallpaper, you need to know whether it is fabric, paper, or vinyl. Removing fabric wallpaper is the easiest; all you will need is warm water and mild soap. Paper wallpaper can be removed with soap and water or vinegar and a good scraper.

Vinyl wallcoverings are the toughest to remove. You will need water, soap, and a reliable scraper. You will also need to use sandpaper to smooth areas of the wall after the vinyl has been removed.

If you’re interested in installing or removing wallpaper at home, reach out to the professionals at Lakeside Painting. We have decades of experience, and our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. Give us a call to schedule your appointment, or fill out our online form to request your free, personalized estimate.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
Lakeside is a premium painting contractor, and we have built a strong reputation among painting companies for our quality work and enduring results. We stand behind our work with a written warranty on all labor and materials.  
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