Doors without door stoppers, rowdy children, extraneous cable connections, and other things can cause drywall to break or crack. If not properly addressed, the hole can become larger and pose a serious issue to the integrity of your home’s structure. Not only that, but who wants to look at holes and cracks in their walls?

Small holes and cracks in drywall are easily repairable, but more significant holes may require a professional eye and experienced hands. The professional painters at Lakeside Painting are here to help you keep your home in the best condition possible. One of the residential painting services that we offer is drywall and plaster repair.

Patching Holes and Cracks in Drywall

Repairing a hole in drywall may seem a little counter productive to the untrained eye because it actually requires undercutting the edges of each crack. We then brush away loose particles and dust from the hole.

If the drywall doesn’t have backing or the hole goes all the way through the plaster, we use a piece of wire mesh and a small piece of wood to anchor the mesh to the wall.

Plaster is then applied over the mesh, and the anchor is removed. Coats of plaster are added and smoothed until the plaster is flush with the rest of the wall.

Things to Keep in Mind

If the hole is small, repairing drywall is probably a project you can tackle on your own, if you’re up to the task. Just bear a few things in mind.

Before you decide to patch a hole in the drywall, you should first determine if you want to repaint the entire wall or just touch up the repaired areas. If you’re just touching up the patched areas, our painting contractors can help you match your existing paint.

Should you wish to patch several holes or tend to other types of damage, it’s essential to apply primer to the patched walls before painting. And keep in mind that shinier finishes make the differences between the patch and the surrounding paint more apparent.

It’s also important to know where all of your utilities are located. Typically, electric wires are attached to wall studs, so it’s important to find wall studs before you begin.

However, if you don’t want to add another project to your to-do list, we are happy to help. We offer residential painting services in Southeastern Wisconsin, and we protect our customers with a written warranty on materials and labor for up to five years on interior projects.

Lakeside’s experienced painting contractors treat your home and family with the utmost care and respect. We communicate the details of the project with you each step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule your appointment. You can also fill out our online form to request a free, personalized estimate.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee
Lakeside is a premium painting contractor, and we have built a strong reputation among painting companies for our quality work and enduring results. We stand behind our work with a written warranty on all labor and materials.  
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