Kitchens are one of the most utilized rooms in a home, and within that space, cabinets and drawers are perhaps the most used and abused surfaces, aside from countertops and stoves. Over time, cabinetry experience wear-and-tear, including fading paint and stain, as well as chips and dings. Dirt and grime also build up over the years. The combined effect is ultimately substantial, but this is certainly not impossible to remedy.

Now, if one desires an aged, vintage or “lived-in” aesthetic, time's erosive qualities are something of a bonus since they can be used to great effect in decorative finishes. On the other hand, if one desires a new and striking look, it will require either replacing cabinets or choosing a paint job that creates this effect.

Replacing the cabinets will be an expensive project and might well be unnecessary, particularly if the cabinetry is already of high artisanal quality. But, if the cabinets' structural integrity is questionable, then replacement might be unavoidable. Otherwise, a new paint job or re-facing combined with new hinges and door/drawer knobs will do nicely.

For instance, if homeowners have a center island detailed in one color, the cabinetry and drawers can be counter-pointed in another color for a nice accent. A decorative finish is also quite desirable.

Homeowners will wonder what type of paint and application methods are required. At Lakeside Painting, we are experts at spraying cabinets to create a refined and brand-new look. One would never be able to guess the cabinets were as old as the house (if that is what is desired, of course). We remove the cabinet doors, take them back to our factory spray booth, clean the cabinets free of dirt and grime (remove the surface if so desired), then apply a special paint coating to transform the look of doors and drawers to the homeowners' desired look. We bring the cabinets back to the home, spray the cabinet framing in place, reinstall the cabinets and drawers and install new hardware. And, again, this will be done at a fraction of the cost of full cabinet and drawer replacement.

Typical Cost To Paint or Stain Existing Cabinets in Wisconsin

On average, painting cabinets and drawers in a small or average kitchen costs approximately $5,000-6,500, while full replacement of the same size would cost between $15,000-30,000 or more. In many cases, replacing will cost even more, because then you have to deal with replacing the countertops, more electrical and plumbing work. So at the end of the day, replacing cabinets can turn into costing 3-5x the amount of just refinishing or painting you cabinets and updating the hardware.

Refacing cabinets will probably run around $10,000-12,000. One downside to refacing is that the product does not always last as long as a quality painted surface.

If the cabinets are in great shape and you are just tired of the color, painting is economical and will look brand new when finished by Lakeside Painting.

Cleaning and painting over the previous surface is cheaper than resurfacing, which involves a removal of the previous paint job. Decorative painting techniques such as glazing, crackle finishes and distressed looks are often found in books on home decorating ideas. These will create some added costs, but will look fantastic and be far cheaper than full replacement.

With over 40 years of experience, Lakeside Painting is dedicated to quality interior painting and we’re ready to clean and paint all types of cabinetry in kitchens or any room throughout your home. We service areas throughout Southeast Wisconsin, including Kenosha, East Troy and Burlington.


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Cabinet Painting vs Refacing
Cabinet Painting vs Refacing
Cabinet Painting vs Refacing
Cabinet Painting vs Refacing

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Our Guarantee
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