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New painted home with celling lamp

For the first entry in Lakeside Painting’s new blog series “Before & After”, we’re taking a look at a project undertaken by longtime Lakeside foreman Darren Brewer. This was a wainscot panel project for a Wisconsin home’s basement.

The background on this project is that the basement’s wainscot panels had failed somehow and needed replacement. Darren’s crew prefinished the new panels at Lakeside’s finishing shop, then handed them over to the carpenter for installation. We did the rest of the work on-site, which included caulking, filling, and sanding all of the imperfections and applying acrylic enamel designed for woodwork.

All told, the crew’s preparation and finishing work took three days, while cleanup took only two. “That is the reason we say it is all in the prep work,” Darren said of the project.

Above is a slideshow of the before and after images, which take you into the home and highlight Lakeside’s work on the project. Overall we’re extremely happy with the project, as were the homeowners.

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