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Concrete floors can transform industrial and commercial spaces. In Wisconsin, Lakeside Painting has elevated them to an art form, remaking spaces and redefining the perception of business owners and their customers.

Lakeside Painting understands the importance of the concrete floor polishing basics — a solid foundation, skilled craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The process begins with surface preparation, with our flooring professionals addressing any imperfections or blemishes to guarantee a smooth canvas for the polishing journey.

Let’s dive into some of the ins and outs of concrete floor polishing, from how it all works to its highly functional performance as highly durable, safe, and attractive flooring system.

The Concrete Floor Polishing Process

Lakeside Painting employs a multi-step process to achieve a highly polished finish. It all starts with Diamond Grinding machines.

Diamond grinders are used to remove existing coatings and level the surface, preparing it for the subsequent stages. The polishing involves progressively finer grits of diamond abrasives, gradually revealing the natural aggregate within the concrete. This meticulous preparation process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the floor’s durability and longevity.

Polished Concrete Customization and Design

Concrete floors can be polished to meet any client’s unique needs and preferences. From choosing the level of sheen to incorporating decorative elements, the possibilities are numerable.

When installing a polished concrete floor, you can achieve a high-gloss or high=sheen finish by simply grinding with finer and finer diamond tooling, as well as by adding a high quality, high-gloss concrete sealer. A concrete floor polished to a high-gloss finish is great for modern showrooms but also for food manufacturing facilities and warehouses that need to look look great and function safely at all times.

Sustainable, Low-Maintenance Concrete Floors

Beyond appearances, polished concrete floors meet the modern needs of sustainability. Concrete is highly recyclable and reusable, and a polished concrete floor takes advantage of the material’s innate environmentally-friendliness. And any concrete removed through the grinding process can be safely disposed of and recycled.

Concrete floors are also well-known for being inherently low maintenance. Like any flooring system, they need to be cleaned, but they are robust and durable, which means they are a cost-effective and sustainable flooring solution in the long-term for both commercial and industrial spaces.

Industries Where You’ll Find Polished Concrete Floors

Lakeside Painting’s concrete floor polishing team is a highly sought-after partner for a variety of industries in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Madison, and other areas across the southern and central Wisconsin. You’ll find our work at a variety of industrial facilities in sectors ranging rom energy and healthcare to education, manufacturing, and storage.

Polished concrete floors are highly versatile and timeless in their appearance. The above industries and sectors know this, which is why they call on Lakeside Painting to install their polished concrete flooring system.

If your facility needs any polished concrete floors, reach out to the Lakeside Painting team by email at or by phone at (262) 642-9445.

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