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Polished concrete is becoming a popular choice in the industrial business world, and even in Wisconsin residential properties. One of the reasons for its appeal is low maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean any maintenance at all. If you want to keep your polished concrete floors looking beautiful, you need to know how to maintain them.

No Special Maintenance Needed

One of the benefits of polished concrete floors is they don’t require waxing like tile floors or a sealant like with wood floors. This kind of floor is less work, which is ideal for the busy homeowner or East Troy business owner who hires someone to maintain their floors.

You will need to do some minimal maintenance, especially in high-traffic areas so your polished concrete flooring continues to look fabulous.

Routine Maintenance Requirements

The main aspect of routine maintenance for polished concrete is dust mopping. This task removes the dirt and debris that can accumulate on a daily basis. If left untreated, the dirt can abrade the surface of the floors, causing them to lose their shine.

You will also need to wet mop on a frequent basis. This will remove any dried-on dirt to keep your floor looking nice. In most cases, you’ll only need a bucket of water to get rid of the dirt. However, you can also use a floor cleaner because concrete isn’t delicate like some types of flooring.

When choosing a floor cleaner, it’s best to stay away from one that is too alkaline or acidic. Otherwise, you might end up dulling your polished concrete over time or even causing it to deteriorate. A neutral ph cleaner is the best option. Choose a soft cloth or pad for cleaning, as anything too harsh can cause scratching in the polish. A regular mop and bucket are ideal for home use or in small areas for businesses. If you have a large area, an automatic floor scrubber is the best choice. Just make sure to use a non-abrasive pad.

Even though polished concrete is resistant to spills, you should wipe them up as soon as you can to prevent staining. It also makes the work easier because the spill doesn’t dry.
Always use clean water and a minimum amount of cleaner to prevent a haze on your floor. Don’t use a degreaser on the floor. If you have a spill that’s hard to remove, apply a floor cleaner and allow it to work for several minutes before mopping.

Don’t wax a polished concrete floor. This type of material doesn’t need waxing, and you could end up voiding your warranty if you apply wax or the wrong cleaner to the floor. It’s best to ask your installer or the store where you purchased your flooring about maintenance and cleaning products to use on your new floor before you begin maintenance. You’ll also want to find out when you can clean the floor for the first time after installation.

The right maintenance schedule will keep your floors looking new. Just make sure to use only the products intended for polished concrete for the best results

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