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A few weeks back, we talked about using dry ice blasting to remove mineral deposits, or efflorescence, from the interior masonry, block walls. This past week, our team used dry ice to blast efflorescence from a large industrial facility.

The 6,800-square-foot facility had efflorescence all across its wall space. All told, we blasted the walls in just four days, which was well under the budgeted time. (See the image slideshow above and the video below to see our crew in action as they dry ice blast the facility’s walls.)

Despite the speed of our work, there were several challenges. Moisture levels outside of the blaster’s compressor filled the lines with water, which in turn froze as the Southeastern Wisconsin temperature plummeted. If not for this, we would have completed the project in 3 1/2 days. Another challenge occurred when the contractor had trenches cut into the concrete floor to run some new piping. Our blasting team had to safely maneuver over and around these trenches on foot, but also take care to avoid driving the lift into them. The trenches were then filled in with new concrete while we were blasting, so we had to use caution in working around this process as well.

Currently, our crew is block filling, which will be followed by the painting phase. So far, the job is ahead of schedule and our customer couldn’t be happier with the progress. Next week we will showcase our crew painting the facility’s walls, both to make them look more attractive and to protect them against any future efflorescence.

If your facility is suffering from efflorescence, contact us at 262-642-9445 or at, and we can discuss dry ice blasting removal.

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