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Car in the garage

Next week Lakeside will be attending the NARI home improvement show. Our focus is to showcase our expertise in garage makeovers as well as residential painting, including interior and exterior projects.

Lakeside understands the importance of a garage–it’s a space that is well-trafficked–consistently used. With that said, It’s important to consider a garage’s layout, maintenance, and organization.

We’re here to help.

A Perfect Place To Start – The Concrete Coating System

If the garage floor is distressed, damaged, or old concrete it’s in need of a makeover. Our concrete coating system will fix tired surfaces and transform them into fresh, stylish, and protected flooring that is/has:

  • Resilient
  • Durability
  • Adhesive to concrete
  • Rapidly curable – dry in 1-2 hours and drivable in just 24 hours!
  • Chemically resistant to many industrial and commercial chemicals
  • All climate application
  • Color and gloss retention
  • Excellent traction control

This is the absolute best way to gain a custom, attractive, ultra-durable floor that can stand up to your hobbies, vehicles, and projects.

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